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The Suicide Squad - James Gunn now confirmed to write and Direct - Summer 2021


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12 hours ago, Nick R said:


That was in Dini & Timm's Mad Love, the very first telling of her origin story:




Apart from that one detail, it's otherwise generally thought of as a great Batman comic.


That image is from this Scans Daily page - the last few comments at the bottom of the page are from other people who dislike the idea that she was a bad student who seduced her way to good grades:



Theres a newer one (though for the life of me I can’t find what it is, to the point I’m half thinking I imagined it. Or it was fan made) where she slept her way into Arkham Asylum and they leant into the idea that she’s always been bad and “crazy”, and used her looks and a kooky dumb persona to disarm people.  In that version, she’s not damaged by Joker, it’s something she gets off on.  There was definitely a lot more overt sexualised stuff in it about her. Mad love is mostly a good story, though I do dislike the above panel too.  At the time though I don’t think she was that well developed, and still mostly played as a comedy sidekick and I can kind of see why they went that way there, but I prefer how it’s evolved since.

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On 02/01/2022 at 09:39, JamesC said:

I thought this would be good fun but it was absolutely terrible. 

Rubbish story, rubbish characters, really unnecessarily violent in quite a sick way. The whole thing has a really unfunny, adolescent style of humour running through it. 

I absolutely hated it. 


Just watched this. I’ve got a lot of time for James Gunn’s sense of humour and style. Also love his musical taste! (Never thought I’d hear one of my favourite Pixies songs in a big Hollywood movie.) However, I’d agree on the violence. The blood and gore is a bit too ‘realistic’ for my liking as well

as the violence pretty visceral, and I think is what makes a lot of it a bit jarring tonally.

it’s a shame as there were some good characters, set pieces and it looked spectacular at times.  It felt a bit like Guardians with gore but wasn’t a patch on it. Perhaps it’s a bit unfair to compare but it’s inevitable given the similarities. 

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