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Desert island discs - One game per system


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Pick one game per gaming plaform you have owned. Kind of desert island disks . You can only choose one per system but you can have as many systems as you have owned .


Here’s mine


spectrum - Elite . So many hours sunk into this. A real case of your brain filling in the gaps

C64- Alternate reality - The city . Best RPG on the platform 

Amiga - really tough but probably Wings 

SNES- Super Mario world . 

PC - Football Manager . Glorified spreadsheet that can go on forever 

PS- FFVII . Just wonderful 

Dreamcast - Powerstone 2 . Nothing like been realeased since 

N64 - Super Mario 64 

PS2 - GTA :VC . Nostalgia overload . 

Xbox - soul calibur 2 . So many couch sessions

XBOX360 - PGR3 as above plus online 

PS3 - The Last of Us -cinematic gaming perfection 

GC - Resi 4 . - never equalled 

Wii- Super mario galaxy - just a stunning achievement 

Wii U - Bayonetta 2 - Pure videogaming

Ps4 - so so difficult . But I’d have to say Destiny  . Genuine friendships formed 

PSVR - Farpoint . Genuinely a wow game . The future is here 




GB - Tetris - converted the entire office 

GBA - warioware inc . 

PSP - Crisis core . Genuine FFVII prequel 

3DS- Theatrythm Curtain call 




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Atari VCS: Joust

Acorn Electron: Repton

Amiga: Amiga Power's Gravity Power

PC: Freespace

PS1: Soul Blade

PS2: Fuck. Vice City?

Xbox: KOTOR, I reckon

PS3: Uncharted 2

PS4: Destiny


GBA: Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

PSP: PixelJunk Monsters

PS Vita: Dragon's Crown

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C64 - Alter Ego

Spectrum - Laser Squad

Master System - Wonderboy: Dragon’s Trap

NES - Mario 3

Megadrive - Toejam and Earl

MegaCD: Shining Force CD

SNES - Zelda LttP

Amiga - Hunter

Jaguar - Alien vs Predator

3DO - Star Control 2

CD32 - Exile

PS1 - Vandal Hearts

Saturn - Guardian Heroes

N64 - Ogre Battle 64

PC - Championship Manager 01/02

Dreamcast: Shenmue

PS2 - Disgaea

Xbox - Morrowind

Gamecube - Resident Evil 4

PS3 - Katamari Forever

360 - Elder Scrolls Oblivion

Wii - Wii Sports

PS4 - Binding of Issac

Wii U - Mario Kart 8

PSVR: Rez Infinite



Gameboy - Tetris

Gameboy Colour - Link’s Awakening

GameGear: Gunstar Heroes

Atari Lynx: California Games

GBA: Advance Wars 2

DS: Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s inside story

PSP: Tactics Ogre

3DS: Animal Crossing

Vita: Earth Defence Force


Just to clarify, I’ve retroactively bought a lot of the older stuff as I was only a partially spoilt child.


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Amiga: Wings. This game is witchcraft. I love it now as much as the first time I played it

Saturn: Sega Rally

Playstation: Metal Gear Solid

PC: Battlefield 1942

Neo Geo Pocket Color: Turf Masters

Neo Geo AES: Metal Slug 3


PSP: Ridge Racer

Dreamcast: So hard to make a choice. Probably Phantasy Star Online. Or maybe F355. Or Powerstone Or, or, or...

Xbox: NFL2K

XBox 360: Madden

XBox One: Forza Horizon 3

Switch: Zelda BOTW


@PeteBrant this is a great topic.

At first I just chose my favourite games. Then tried to create a balanced set of games covering genres etc. Then took a look at the list and thought “would I be happy playing this set of games forever” and I reckon I would.

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Awesome topic


NES - Super Mario Bros

SNES - F-Zero

MD - Streets of Rage 2

GameBoy - Tetris

N64 - GoldenEye

Virtual Boy - LOL

PSX - Time Crisis

Saturn - Sega Rally

DreamCast - Jet Set Radio

GBA - Link to the Past

PS2 - Ace Combat 04

PSP - Ridge Racers

GC - Ikaruga

XBOX - Panzer Dragoon

PSP Vita - Uncharted

PS3 - Ride Racer 7

XBOX360 - ???

Wii - Mario Galaxy

DS - Elite Beat Agents

3DS - Mario Land 3D

Wii-U - Super Mario World 3D



Switch - Smash Bros



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Ah great idea, interesting to think about and it might also surprise some people about what their favourite genres are (i.e. I play loads of multiplayer games and yet none of them feature, in fact my favorite games are one's I play on my own mostly :D )  -


Mega drive  - Shining Force

PS1 - Final Fantasy IX

PS2 - Kingdom hearts

PS3 - Mass effect 2

PS4 - The Witcher 3 (Maybe Kingdom Hearts 3 after release)

PSP - Crisis Core

PSVITA -  Final Fantasy X/X-2 (Can I have both as they are on the same card?)

Xbox - KOTOR

Xbox 360 - Infinite Undiscovery

Xbox One - Assassins Creed Odyssey

SNES - Chrono Trigger

N64 - Mario Kart 64

Gamecube - Smash Bros

Wii - Xenoblade Chronicles

Switch - Xenoblade Chronicles 2

GBC - Pokemon Yellow

GBA - Breath of fire

DS - Radiant Historia

3DS - Fire Emblem Awakening

PC - Dragon Age Origins


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CBA going back all the way as I would struggle to find enough inputs on the back of my desert island TV and space on my desert island TV stand.


N64 - WWF No Mercy

Dreamcast - Phantasy Star Online (there is desert island broadband, right?)

PS2 -  GTA : San Andreas

GC - Wave Race : Blue Storm

Wii - Ghost Squad

PS3 - MGS V : The Phantom Pain

PS4 - Yakuza 0



GB - Pokémon Red

GBA - Kuru Kuru Kururin

PSP - Ridge Racer 2

DS - Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney

Vita - Everybody's Golf



Covers all bases I think!

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ZX Spectrum 48k - Codename Mat

Sega Megadrive - Red Zone

Super Nintendo - Yoshi's Island

Xbox - Deus Ex: Invisible War

Dreamcast - Bangai-O

PC - Half-Life 2

PSone - Ape Escape

Nintendo Gameboy - The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

PS2 - Rez

N64 (USA) - Wave Race 64

Nintendo Gamecube (USA) - Super Monkey Ball

Xbox 360 - Halo 3

Wii U - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo DS - Mario Kart DS

Nintendo 3DS - Animal Crossing: New Leaf 

Xbox One - Dishonored 2

PS4 - Horizon Zero Dawn


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Nes - Castlevania (Mario 3 is probably my favourite but it's a lot easier so wouldn't last as long.)


Snes : F-Zero


Mega Drive : Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist (the addition of a run button and a preference for the MD music puts this above snes Turtles in Time for me).


Neo Geo CD : Neo Drift Out


PS1: Ridge Racer 


N64: F-Zero X


Saturn:  Sega Rally 


Dreamcast: Crazy Taxi


PS2: Burnout 2 


Gamecube : F-Zero GX


Xbox: Outrun 2 Coast 2 Coast


PS3 : Afterburner Climax


XBOX 360 : Daytona USA (this and PS3 are interchangeable).


Wii: Ghost Squad


Wii U : Super Mario 3d World


PS4 : Nex Machina


PSVR: Wipeout


Switch: i don't think I like anything I've played on it enough to care. Needs some arcade racers...For now, Mario Odyssey I guess..


PC : Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed


Gameboy : Tetris

GBA: Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2

PSP Ridge Racers 2

Vita : Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed again I guess :D


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Not read any previous replies to avoid being influenced. And these are not necessarily my favourites, more like games I feel I could play infinitely without getting bored.


ZX Spectrum 48K - Chaos

ZX Spectrum +2A - Bumpy


(is that cheating?)


Atari ST - Llamatron

Playstation - FFVIII (for Triple Triad)

PS2 - Guitar Freaks & Drummania MPS

Dreamcast - Soul Calibur

Gamecube - Super Monkey Ball


(are there friends on this island with me?)


Xbox - Outrun 2

PS3 - After Burner Climax

PS4 - Gran Turismo Sport

PSVR - Polybius


GBA - Advance Wars

PSP - Lumines

Vita - Shovel Knight

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Acorn Electron: Repton

BBC: Elite

Amiga: Dune 2

Master System: Psycho Fox

Saturn: Shining Force 3

N64: Goldeneye

Dreamcast: Ikaruga

XBox: Burnout 2

Wii: Mario Galaxy

PS3: Mass Effect 2

PS4: Spiderman

Switch: Diablo 3


GBA: Advance Wars

DS: Picross DS

Vita: Spelunky



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C16: Kickstart

C64: Elite

Amiga: Speedball II

SNES: Zombies Ate My Neighbors

PC: Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe

PS1: Gran Turismo 2

PS2: Gran Turismo 3

Xbox: Forza Motorsport

PS3: Mortal Kombat 9

Wii: Mario Kart

360: Forza Motorsport 4

Xbox One: Forza Horizon 4


There are a few locked in (PS1and PS2), a few either / or (XBone, Amiga), a few where it was one of a list (SNES, PC) and one "fuck it, that'll do (PS3).

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C64 - Paradroid

Megadrive - Gunstar Heroes

SNES - A Link To The Past

Jaguar - Tempest 2000

Gameboy - Revenge of The Gator

Playstation - Symphony of The Night

Saturn - Panzer Dragoon Zwei

N64 - F Zero X

Dreamcast - Shenmue

GBA - Advance Wars

GameCube - Wind Waker

PS2 - Dragon Quest VIII

DS - Animal Crossing

PSP - Tactics Ogre Let Us Cling Together

XBOX - Halo

Wii - Skyward Sword

360 - Minecraft

PS3 - Dark Souls

Vita - Axiom Verge

3DS - Ocarina of Time 3D

PS4 - Bloodborne

Xbox One - Elite Dangerous

PC - XCOM (original)

Switch - Breath of The Wild



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Specifically targeting "stuff that's still fun now" + replay-ability.


Spectrum - Target Renegade

Master System - Wonderboy

NES - Duck Hunt

Megadrive - Mega Lo Mania

MegaCD: Shining Force CD

SNES - Zelda LttP

Amiga - Sensible World of Soccer

3DO - Need for Speed

PS1 - Ridge Racer

Saturn - Shining the Holy Ark

N64 - Goldeneye

PC - Open Roller Coaster Tycoon

Dreamcast - Rez

PS2 - San Andreas

Xbox - Project Gotham 2

Gamecube - Resident Evil 4

PS3 - Red Dead Redemption

360 - Elder Scrolls Oblivion

Wii - Wii Sports

PS4 - Witcher 3

XBOXONEX - Forza 7

PSVR: Gran Turismo Sport


Gameboy - Tetris

GameGear: Columns

GBA: Fire Emblem

Switch: Into the Breach

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C16/4 - Prospector Pete

Game Gear - Shinobi GG

Master System - Sonic the Hedgehog

Mega Drive - Streets of Rage 2

Mega CD - Eternal Champions

Saturn - Fighters Megamix

PS1 - Exhumed

PC - Max Payne 2 : The Fall of Max Payne

Neo Geo Pocket - Cardfighters Clash SNK Version

Dreamcast - Daytona USA 2001 (W/Wheel)

N64 - Goldeneye

32X - Virtua Racing Deluxe

GBA - Castlevania Aria of Sorrow

DS - Elite Beat Agents

Xbox - The Warriors

PS2 - Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution

Neo Geo CD - King of Fighters '96

Neo Geo AES - Garou Mark of the Wolves

PSP - Outrun 2006 Coast To Coast

GC - Resident Evil 4

PS Vita - Hotline Miami 2

Wii - Sonic Colours

PS3 - Deus Ex Human Revolution

Xbox 360 - Alan Wake

PS4 - Last of Us Remastered

PSVR - Astro Bot

PS4 Pro ;) - Titanfall 2


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Amiga-Turrican II
PC-Ketsui (via MAME)
PS-Vib Ribbon (I can bring my CD collection, right?)
PS2-Gradius V
PS3-Riff:Everyday Shooter (I literally checked my Playstation account because I couldn't remember what I used to play, and it was just Last of Us, Pixeljunk Shooter and this)
XBox-Ninja Gaiden Black
Xbox360-Geometry Wars 2
SNES-Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts
N64-Super Mario 64 
GC-Super Monkey Ball
Wii-Super Mario Galaxy 2
WiiU-Super Mario 3D World
Switch-Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Megadrive-Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
Saturn-Sega Rally
Jaguar-Tempest 2000 (only game I have)
Nuon-Tempest 3000 (only game)

GBA-Racing Gears
DS-Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan
3DS-Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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Master System - Alex Kidd In Miracle World
NES - Turtles Arcade Game
Megadrive - Mickey Mouse Castle Of Illusion
PS1 - Final Fantasy 9
N64 - WWF Attitude
PC - Ultimate Soccer Manager 98
Dreamcast - Shenmue
PS2 - GTA San Andreas
Xbox - Star Wars KOTOR
Gamecube - Animal Crossing
PS3 - Last Of Us
360 - Fallout 3
Wii - House Of The Dead Overkill
Xbox One - The Witcher
Switch - Xenoblade 2



Gameboy - Pokemon Blue
Gameboy Colour - Pokemon Gold
GBA - Pokemon Emerald
DS - Pokemon White
PSP - Virtua Tennis
3DS - Animal Crossing
Vita - Final Fantasy X/X2

GPD Win 2 - Final Fantasy 7

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Great topic.


Spectrum: Bruce Lee ( probably not regarded as a classic by many, but I loved it as a kid)

Master System: Phantasy Star - difficult choice this, as out of all the games I owned back then, I don't really think highly enough of any of them to bring along to a desert island. Years later I played the GBA port of PS though, which I enjoyed, so that's my choice.

Mega Drive: Shining Force 2

Mega CD: Lunar: Eternal Blue

SNES: Chrono Trigger wait, shit, I never actually owned a SNES. Bollocks.

N64: Ocarina of Time

PS1: Suikoden 2

PS2: Final Fantasy XII

Gamecube: RE4

Wii: Mario Galaxy

Xbox 360: Dark Souls

PS4: Bloodborne

Switch: Breath of the Wild




Gameboy: Link's Awakening

GBA: Metroid Zero Mission

DS: Chrono Trigger

3DS: Dragon Quest VIII

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Spectrum : Taipan

Amiga : Monkey Island

Master System : Phantasy Star

Mega Drive : Shining Force 2

Mega CD : Monaco GP

32X : Star Wars Arcade

Super Nintendo : Super Mario World

Sega Saturn : Guardian Heroes

PS2 : Dragon Quest 8

Dreamcast : Soul Calibur

Xbox : Jet Set Radio Future

PS3 : Ni No Kuni

Xbox 360 : Vanquish

Switch : Hollow Knight

PS4 : Monster Hunter World


I think that's all of them. How anyone could choose Shining Force over Shining Force 2 will forever be a mystery to me ( @Luseth)


Sega Saturn was a very hard choice for me but I eventually went with Guardian Heroes because I spent innumerable hours playing that with my brother. Could have been Athlete Kings, Shining The Holy Ark, Shining Force 3 (I'm still bitter about that never getting an official English release in its entirety) or Dark Savior.

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I've gone for a mix of nostalgia and variety here. I've also employed @Down by Law's pretty cheaty tactics, too.


Binatone MK8 - Pong

Spectrum - Skool Daze

Atari 800 XL - Alternate Reality

Atari ST - Kick Off II

MegaDrive - Thunderforce III

SNES - Super Mario World

PC Engine - Parasol Stars

PC Engine CD - Castlevania: Rondo of Blood

PC Engine Super Grafx - Ghouls 'n Ghosts

Neo Geo AES - Windjammers

Neo Geo CD - King of Fighters '98

PS1 - Ridge Racer Type 4

N64 - Wave Race 64

Sega Saturn - Guardian Heroes

PC - Quake III: Arena (we have an internet connection on this island, right?)

PS2 - Gradius V

Gamecube - Viewtiful Joe

Panasonic Q (Betterer than the GC because it played DVDs) - Super Monkey Ball

Gamecube  Gameboy Player - Mario vs DK

Dreamcast - Bangai-O

Xbox 360 - Rez

Wii - Wii Sports

PS3 - Daytona USA

Wii U - Super Mario 3D World

PS4 - Street Fighter:30th Anniversary Collection

PS4 Pro - Shadow of the Colossus

Switch - Zelda: Breath of the Wild



Gameboy - Tetris

Gameboy Colour - Pokemon Pinball

Atari Lynx - California Games

PC Engine GT - Galaga '88

Sega Nomad - Gunstar Heroes

GBA - Rhythm Tengoku

GBA SP - Guru Logic Champ

Gameboy Micro - Drill Dozer

Neo Geo Pocket Colour - Card Fighters Clash

PSP - Gitaroo Man Lives

DS - Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan

DS Lite - Phoenix Wright

DSi - Chrono Trigger

3DS - Zelda: Ocarina of Time

3DS XL - Mighty Switch Force

New 3DS XL - Animal Crossing: New Leaf

PS Vita - TxK


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ZX Spectrum - Elite

Atari ST - Dungeon Master

IBM PC - Civilization 2


Intellivision - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Cloudy Mountain

Atari 2600 - River Raid

NES - Super Mario Bros

SEGA Master System - Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap

PC Engine - R-Type

SEGA Mega Drive - Streets of Rage 2

SEGA Mega CD - Snatcher

Neo Geo - Neo Turf Masters

SNES - Super Mario Kart

Atari Jaguar - Tempest 2000

SEGA Saturn - Panzer Dragoon Saga

PS1 - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

N64 - Goldeneye 007

Dreamcast - Shenmue 1/2

PS2 - Onimusha 2

XBOX - Project Gotham Racing

Gamecube - Resident Evil 4

PS3 - Demon's Souls

Wii - Fire Emblem - Radiant Dawn

Wii U - Mario Kart 8

PS4 - Horizon: Zero Dawn

Switch - Super Mario Odyssey


Game Boy - Tetris

Game Gear - Castle of Illusion

Lynx - Pac-Land

Neo Geo Pocket - Capcom/SNK Card Fighters Clash

Game Boy Advance - Fire Emblem: Binding Blade

NDS - Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

PSP - Gitaroo Man Lives!

3DS - Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

PS Vita - Persona 4 Golden


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Atari VCS - Missile Command

Intellivision - B17 Bomber

Colecovision - Smurfs

Commodore 64 - Miner 2049

Sega Master System - R-Type

Amiga - Xenon Megablast

Megadrive - Devil Crash

SNES - Zelda a Link to the Past

PS1 - Tomb Raider

SEGA Saturn - Radiant Silvergun

N64 - Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

PS2 - Gradius V

Gamecube - Metroid Prime

Dreamcast - Crazy Taxi

Wii - Super Mario Galaxy

PS3 - Fallout 3

WiiU - Super Mario Maker



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I'll just borrow my list from this thread and make a quick edit or two :) 


C64: Iridis Alpha
NES: Super Mario Bros. 3
Mega Drive: Ranger-X (aka Ex-Razna)
PlayStation: Gran Turismo 
Gaming PC: Quake III Arena
Dreamcast: Sonic Adventure
Xbox: Jet Set Radio Future
Xbox 360: Ultra Street Fighter IV
PS2: since I'll be mentioning Persona 3 and 4 later, I'll go for FFXII
PS4: Bloodborne
SNES Classic Mini: Super Mario World


Game Boy: Tetris

Game Boy Advance: Wario Ware Inc.

Nintendo DS: The World Ends With You

PSP: Persona 3 Portable

PS Vita: Persona 4 Golden

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Amstrad CPC464 - Harrier Attack.

The first game I can remember. Sitting on my dad's knee, he did the flying, I hammered shift and space bar to fire missiles and drop bombs. Wonderful days.


BBC Micro - Castle Quest.

The toothbrush guards are so weird and intimidating. A condensed masterpiece of adventure, puzzles and dexterity. Never finished it. 


Acorn Electron - Repton.

I can still hear the ping of the diamonds and those cracking lizard eggs terrify me even now. 


Amstrad CPC6128 - Tubaruba

Perhaps my first psychedelic experience, a multi-screen shmup set in a Jet Set Willy-inspired madhouse. The music is a detuned cyclical nightmare. 


Atari 2600 - Star Wars: Death Star Battle

Another formative shmup. This has the greatest sound effects ever created, for anything. It's so fucking futuristic even now, the sound of a universe devoid of humanity. 


NES - Super Mario Bros. 3

I'll never forget playing this with my little brothers, noses pressed against the telly, soaking up the colours and sounds, the warmth and imagination of that world, helping each other through it, finding the secrets, laughing with relief at finishing improbable levels, cheering each other on, whiling away our days. We had each other. I've never been happier in my whole life.


Atari ST - Sid Meier's Pirates!

The sense of scale, the duels, the trading, the marriages! Few games have ever captured such a spirit of adventure or implied such a richly detailed world through so little.


Amiga - Sensible Soccer

I could have picked so many but this still feels better than almost anything I've played. There's a remarkably precise sense of weight and touch to each shot. It's beyond muscle memory, I can feel it in my imagination. I'll never forget my mate Jon taking a bite out of this disk after a particularly narrow defeat. 


SNES - Super Mario Kart 

As with Sensi, the tactile subconscious memory of this game is testament to how much joy computer games have brought me both individually and as a social experience. KMKYWAP radio show on the tape deck and Battle Mode for days, laughing and chatting, playing without thinking, a part of us.


N64 - Ocarina of Time

Like most of the consoles named in this list, we didn't own an N64. We used to rent it from the video shop and we always used to rent Ocarina of Time. The attract music is so incredibly evocative to me, the sound of Epona's aimless canter over those rolling piano chords. I can't put it into words. Until the 3DS release, I didn't even know about the time travel. I've still never finished it but it's beyond my critical faculties, one of my favourite games ever. 


PS1 - Tomb Raider

We never expected a PlayStation. Thanks, mum. I don't know how you did it, but thanks. Even coming after Ocarina this felt remarkable in its scale and sense of mystery, exploration and depth. The solitude, the music, the T-Rex! It seems absurd not to choose FF7 here because of how much it has been a part of mine and my brothers' lives and how much I adore it beyond reason but this is the one which really represented a change in many ways. I'll never ever forget that Christmas morning.


And then there was an interlude of Sixth Form, uni, boozing, girls, madness, despair, rejuvenation and living abroad. While I was in China, I started playing games again with a mate and one day we went to Computer City, a black market for tech and I first saw the Wii. I bought it on the spot.


Wii - Metroid Prime Corruption

After being blown away by Wii Sports and having found great comfort in the Ocarina retread of Twilight Princess, this was the one which I will never forget. It was the time as much as anything, working with one of my best mates, living with a wonderful girl, out meeting new people every day and night. I had all the time and freedom I wanted, always on the cusp of something new and fresh, arguably a peak time just before the tide turned for Westerners in China and before the reality set in that I couldn't stay forever. I played Metroid Prime Corruption in my pants, sitting on cushions on the floor, over the course of several sweltering summer days. Spicy hot dry noodles for breakfast, chilled iced tea, Metroid, pushing and pulling and twisting switches and valves, pointing and shooting. It seemed like black magic. An unrepeatable time of excitement and this is the one which truly made gaming a part of my life again.


I'll draw a line there, I think. Thanks very much for the great thread. 

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Spectrum - Head Over Heels

C64 - Treasure Island Dizzy

NES - Mario 2 (yeah it’s better than 3, maybe)

Gameboy - Tetris

Amiga - Sensible World of Soccer

SNES - Zelda: A Link To The Past

MD - Gunstar Heroes

PC - Secret of Monkey Island 2

N64 - Goldeneye 007

PS - Riiiidge Racer 4

Saturn - Sega Rally

DC - Powerstone

GBA - Warioware

GC - Metroid Prime

PS2 - Guitar Hero

XB - Burnout 3

DS - Advance wars dual strike 

Wii - Mario Galaxy

PS3 - Portal 2

360 - Rock Band

WiiU - Splatoon

3DS - Zelda: ALBW


Switch - Zelda BOTW


I’m sure I’m missed a few systems and could easily swap some games on certain systems (ISS 98 or Goldeneye 007 on N64 are pretty interchangeable), but these are what first came to mind. 

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