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My Time At Portia

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I'm still really enjoying this. I'm a fair way into it now - have finally upgraded my house, have helped towards some major projects, and am starting to build up a nice stash of resources and cash. One of the things I really like is that some of the projects you get involved in really have an impact - something that perhaps works better here than in some other games I've played because it's in nice chunky 3D. In particular the bridge to the desert, where I built a tower or two, and then you see them in place each time you cross and think "I did that" (likewise the South Block which is about where I am now).


There are a few niggles - friendship is a bit on the slow side, and the play date thing seems a bit forced and odd (but bearable), there's a general lack of information in some areas (what a commission requires you to be able to create to complete it, what newly-researched devices actually do before you build them, and so on...). But then there are a lot of nice touches too. Being able to buy lots of inventory space is nice, crafting using resources in storage is sanity-savingly good (likewise not having to build components for composite items at the worktable is a big plus).


I'm currently 77 hours in and there's still so much still to do - buildings I've never even been in, dungeons I've barely delved, loads of stuff still to craft, and a cat to adopt (I'm guessing - I've got the dog, and am just waiting for the Mysterious Man to reappear so I can buy a dog tag and rename him what all my video game dogs have been called - Worms*).



*This worked really well in FF8 where I renamed the dog Angelo as Worms, only to find out that it renamed all his specials too, so instead of "Angelo Rush", you could launch "Worms rush".

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I play an hour here and there but really struggle to get stuck in. 10 hours on the clock, I often load it then think I just can’t be arsed with it 

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