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High Life - Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche in Sci-Fi Thriller


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This looks decent enough. And I was very impressed with Pattinson in Good Times. 




High Life comes from visionary French director Claire Denis (Beau Travail, Chocolat). The overtly sci-fi flick is a bit of a divergent path for Denis, who says she has been working on the screenplay for 15 years. It's also Denis' first English language film.


High Life stars Robert Pattinson as Monte, a criminal who has been cast into space as part of an alternative energy-finding mission. While on the spacecraft, Monte is forced to give birth to a daughter via artificial insemination. Vincent Gallo and Philip Seymour Hoffman were previously slated to portray Monte, just to give you an idea of how long this thing has been gestating.


Monte isn't the only criminal on board the spacecraft. In fact, the vessel is filled with criminals who believe they will be released if they participate in this mission to discover alternative energy in a black hole and endure sexual experimentation from the scientists on board. Juliette Binoche, Mia Goth, and Andre Benjamin also star. Awesome to see Andre 3000 acting again!




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A second for this being terrible and anything that is nicely shot is definitely ripped from every other much better sci-fi film.


There was one good eye popping scene but not worth sitting through hours of dreary nothing.

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Loved this, amazed it's got such short shrift on here. Sure, there's some tropage, but I felt the atmosphere and performances were compelling. Good soundtrack from Tindersticks guy too. I'm becoming a Pattinson fanboi though. This, The Lighthouse and Good Time are all great performances. 




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Yeah the most interesting thing about this film is how good Pattinson is in it despite having so little to work with. He just instantly suits the kind of i dunno arthouse tone it's going for, as was true for Good Time, and i'm not sure what it is he's doing because there's been Hollywood actors who've done arthouse films and haven't completely fitted in where you see none of their recognisable star quality despite being good. But i guess the cinematography, direction, music and tone are doing a lot for him. Like, i was thinking of Brad Pitt in Ad Astra but that isn't arthouse is it really, or Jesse James isn't really. Something like Babel and how that's directed, you don't see Pitt the movie star but the person, and this was in 2006 straight after Troy, Mr and Mrs Smith, Oceans Twelve. Brad Pitt would be the closest comparison i think, when you think of his small role in Twelve Monkeys being something Pattinson would take on.


Pattinson's ability to get inside a character in terms of transforming his voice and mannerisms though seems so counter to his ecstatic laughing 'i don't know what i am doing' media personality, there's a commitment to roles that belies his mischievous messing about 'i'm just lucky to be here' vibe. But that's what is so fascinating about it, because he's played so many intense serious characters and all the great actors you see so much of them in their roles whereas with Pattinson you don't. Even De Niro though he resents talking in interviews and plays so many confident characters, you watch a video of him expecting his driver to pick him up after being in court when it's not there and his 'whattsa matter with you?!' is straight from Goodfellas.



i'm sorry de niro for watching a daily mail video, and also to all rllmukers for linking it, but de niro did more damage to his status with dirty grandpa which still scars me


As a film though...i'm with zok, there's nothing there. Very beautiful nothingness, an art piece. I was bored out of my mind personally.

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