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Outer Wilds

Alex W.

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On 16/09/2022 at 15:39, JoeK said:


I'm still utterly baffled as to how the game is going to come out on the Switch. I know graphically it can make a fair stab of it, but I'd have thought all the maths and stuff that goes into making the game's galaxy tick would make a Switch explode...if they pull it off, it would possibly be the greatest Switch port ever. Possibly the most impressive port full stop.




It runs OK on Steam Deck

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On 16/09/2022 at 17:20, Monkeyspill said:

Even the PS5 60fps version runs choppily so I can't see it working at all on the Switch.


edit: Maybe I've been running the PS4 version on PS5 by mistake. It wouldn't be the first time I've done that!


Loaded up the PS5 version on my PS5 and it's choppy from the very start in places.

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It's a bit stuttery on Xbox Series X from time to time. It's still a bit stuttery on a beefy PC though, that's just down to the frankly insane way the simulation works and their philosophy of "the truth in the system". Other than reducing rendering and physics complexity for far away objects, the whole simulation runs in real time. Spoilers abound in the vid, but the Noclip documentary has some great tidbits in. e.g.


  • When you jump, you're not jumping, the entire world is moving away from you.
  • On Brittle Hollow, the pieces that fall onto the crust of the planet aren't randomised but they're not scripted either. They're a physical simulation built in such a way that the correct pieces fall in the correct order.
  • The anti-gravity training area on the tutorial planet has no gravity because it's at the center of the planet, it's not a tweak of the gravity/physics engine.
  • The best way to absolutely tank performance is put yourself, your probe and your ship on three different planets and watch the game engine try to render visuals and collisions for all of them simultaneously. They wanted to include an achievement for crashing the game but Annapurna wouldn't let them 😅


I'm sure given enough resources they could keep engineering away at it forever but they're a small studio working in Unity on a limited budget, working from code which started as a university project ten years ago. They did say they're working on performance issues in certain areas though I wouldn't hold too much hope.




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