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Bungie and Activision part ways, Bungie keep Destiny IP


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5 minutes ago, mushashi said:

Ain't that going to depend on how much money they have left in the bank?, as any new huge budget effort is going to need vast amounts of capital, which is why they went to Activision in the first place. Supporting their studio size going forward without somebody else footing the bill will be interesting to watch.


Yep. Unless they go to EA or someone I can see quite a few redundancies, unfortunately.

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Forsaken has pretty much been excellent.  A few odd missteps along the way (the latest puzzle, a few time gated quests that are on a three week rotation) and crucible for those that enjoy it has pretty much vanished off the face of the map.

 (Still no Trials, just a competitive playlist that from all accounts is...sparse).


I don’t mind the attempt at the season pass, they are trying a drip feed of content to see how people get on with it.  The idea is fine, but it seems to have swung too far towards streamers and people who can play all day.  Some of the forge unlock steps are just a grindy mess.


It is still great fun to play, the PC lot are mostly still playing it.  The content pipeline thing must still be an issue, I mean why not just release year 1 armour again.  Then again if you have to reboot a sequel about a year and a half before launch, after having done the same thing with the original you have to look at Bungie, not Activison.  It sounds like it needs a new engine, start from scratch.  Again.


I honestly wonder if they are looking at free to play.  Eververse frankly is fine, it is all cosmetics and you can earn stuff in game as well.  Don’t know if that would enough to fund them.  I cannot see them being able to self publish a physical console release.


There is another issue.  PC port is excellent, VV did the PC port and helped majorly with Warmind I think.  High Moon did at least one of the better strikes (Pyramidium).  Sure they have a load of people at Bungie.  They must have a chunk working on that new IP the deal financed.  Do they have enough people to do a brand new game?  Could they make a PC version themselves?  Would it be console only?


All pie in the sky right now.  For all the moaning about Activison forcing Bungie to do this and that...they signed the contract.  They knew up front what they expected.  It wasn’t like they were blindsided half way through that the deal had changed.  They have shown consistently there is at least a core group at Bungie that think they know best what the players want.  D2 seemed to roll back a lot of stuff that was good from end of life D1.  Hell look at Deej, one of the worst examples of a community manager.  Remember all the stuff at D2 launch, things like lying about the XP gain from certain events?  I doubt much of that was on Acti.


D2 is obviously on the clock now, wonder what they will do come September when they usually have a big content drop/DLC/new game.  They still have the IP, which whatever you think is worth something, everyone has an opinion on it. I’d like them to have that clean break, come back with something where they can add content easier and have much stuff to chase (armour especially is very bare bones right now).  Do I have much confidence they can do it?  Eeehhhhhh.

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18 hours ago, Mawdlin said:


Whoa, Broker. Replace the word Destiny with heroin and it sounds like you've had a debilitating habit over the last few years. ;-)


I really did, I can't believe how much time I spent playing something that made me so grumpy so much of the time. I think its incredibly close to being a game I would love, but some of the things that miss for me do so spectacularly and are real issues.


Really though, it was creeping things. I love the lore, but fundamentally its a terribly written story for a multiplayer game. In a single player game having legendary artifacts makes sense, but in a game like this there being thousands of copies of Thorn everywhere kind of destroys what is special about that legendary item. In the story they're weirdly desperate to have you be a singular hero but everyone does the same things and everyone has everything attributed to them, so its like nobody did it. The most obvious example is when a cutscene tells you you're discovering a dangerous place for the first time, then you spawn in and there's six other guardians dancing around. The game design is constantly undermining or flat out ruining bits of the story.


These little issues created an undercurrent of bitterness in my experiences with the game, which persisted and became more or less prominent depending on how exciting the rest of the game was. I'm still absolutely amazed that they've got this weird structure where you can do stuff alone or as a three then suddenly at the end of the game you need six people. I don't understand why there was never more focus on letting people earn stuff if they enjoyed PvP. Why make a game you can play solo or multiplayer alone or as a duo or three, but not let you progress through the whole game like that? How are there no endgame activities for individuals or threes? Why is there no easier six man stuff to prepare you?


If I sit and thing about Destiny I start with the shooting, traversal, design and feel and its all so fucking good. But the actual experience of playing feels like a multiplayer mode grafted onto the lore and story of a single player game. And the quality of life playing Destiny is terrible. Its an incredible game that kills your love for it with a thousand cuts.

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I've got nearly 800 hours logged over destiny 1 and 2 over 2 platforms, which is surely small potatoes when compared to Gorf, Nate et al. I never raided as it didn't appeal so I never accessed a massive chunk of content, which is fine. I left the whole 'game dictates the when you play' stuff behind with World of Warcraft.


What disappointed me most about Destiny 2 was how they managed to stuff up the vanilla game when Destiny 1 ended in such a good place. I honestly have no idea how that happened. I'd love a warts an all documentation about the development of Destiny 2.


Then when forsaken came out it seemed like they were back on track but for some reason after finished the story and unlocking the dreaming city I just stopped playing. To a filthy casual like me there seemed an awful lot of systems to keep track of and not much reward for spending hours if game time grinding through it all. Course, this is hilarious seeing as I'm balls deep in Warframe.

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11 hours ago, Moodmon said:


There is another issue.  PC port is excellent, VV did the PC port and helped majorly with Warmind I think.  High Moon did at least one of the better strikes (Pyramidium).  Sure they have a load of people at Bungie.  They must have a chunk working on that new IP the deal financed.  Do they have enough people to do a brand new game?  Could they make a PC version themselves?  Would it be console only?

The game they are making for the Chinese company who tossed $100m at them will almost certainly be on the PC, with it likely being the lead platform given how the PC rules the Chinese market. 

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On 10/01/2019 at 23:08, Gorf King said:



Interesting, because the person I know at Activision who works with Bungie appears to have been taken by surprise and is dismayed, because she's heavily into Destiny and has been a cheerleader for the series. Perhaps the UK wing and the people involved in community outreach would be the last to hear about it.

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1 hour ago, Uncle Mike said:

What's £100m for a studio with ~750 employees, though? That probably doesn't pay a year's paychecks, let alone all the other expenses of supporting a GaaS and developing a new one. They'll need income fairly solidly above that.


If you use the standard rule of thumb of $100,000 running cost per employee per year, which given they are an American developer should be good enough, some devs cost even more per year, like Visceral used to. That would give you $75 Million per year just for the developers, assuming all 750 employees listed are involved in development.


Now they've taken on self-publishing, all the running costs of keeping Destiny up is now their responsibility going forward too. This should be counterbalanced by whatever income is generated from MTX and sales of the game though, so maybe they are rolling in money, just not enough to make Activision think it was worth getting out of bed for, as they want $1 Billion revenue per year games to make it worth their while.


Whatever NetEase (who also partner with Blizzard and are co-developing Diablo mobile) paid for, it'll very likely be another online service game.


The biggest indie success stories this generation have all been online service games too.



Edit - I just looked up the reporting for the NetEase deal, and some of the quotes from both companies was rather prescient :)



The partnership will help Bungie grow into a “global, multi-franchise entertainment studio,” according to NetEase CEO William Ding. Bungie CEO Pete Parsons told The Wall Street Journal that “a big part of our focus is to self-publish in the future,” rather than replying on other companies such as Microsoft or Activision.




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