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I've never played Super Metroid - Confessions of a so-called Gamer.


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I completely missed the 8 bit and 16 bit “Golden Era” for consoles which resulted in me being rather indifferent to franchises like Metroid, Sonic, Mario, etc etc. I know they exist, I know they are supposed to be great but I just can not muster any unwarranted enthusiasm for em.

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When we did this thread a few years ago, two glaring things for me were Super Metroid and Mega Man X.


So I completed them, they were indeed great, and so now, no - can’t think of anything.


Oh, except for what is possibly blasphemy - never played Dark Souls. But I never want to, as I hated Demons Souls and there’s far too many games I’d rather play instead.

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Put me down for Super Metroid as well - and Link to the Past while you're at it.


Metroid as a series has largely passed me by. I've briefly played Prime, but that's it. To make it worse, I main Samus in Smash Bros, so you'd think I'd go and have a look where she came from.


Link to the Past, I just can't be bothered. I've played other Zeldas and enjoyed them, and have BOTW waiting for a gap in my schedule, but I can't see me ever playing LTTP, despite having a SNES mini under the TV (think I might even have it on Wii U too).

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I've never played more than a level of a 2d Mario game, same with 2d Sonic. I just wasn't into games when 2d platforming was at its height. Over the years I've tried to give them a playthrough but realise after the first level that they just aren't for me. Perhaps a little to precise in their jumping for my reflexes. I love Mario's 3d outings to bits, not so much Sonic mind. Recently gone a bit 2d crazy with my Vita and my phone emulation, SOTN, Castlevania IV, Gunstar Heroes and Bloodstained COTM and a few others have all been fantastic fun so maybe it's time to see if my reflexes have improved and give them another go.

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Oh god, loads and loads and loads.
I think ploughing your own furrow, discovering things for yourself and finding your own tastes is a big part of the joy in consuming any media.
I don't like being prescribed stuff or the idea of sitting down with an accepted "classic" with all that weight behind it and a feeling that you should like it or there might be something wrong with you.


I won't mention names since it'll end up in a fist fight but I've listened to albums, read books, seen films, played games that are considered sacred cows and they've just left me scratching my head.

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There honestly aren't many that I can think of, but I've never played any version of Punch Out! Even though I've had folders full of ROMs over the years I've never once booted it up on NES or SNES, and never looked at that Wii version. It's not even like I've been avoiding it on purpose.

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Any games series exclusive to the PlayStations or Xboxes. (Never owned any Xbox, only owned the PS3). Any GTA after GTA 3. Any FPS made after Perfect Dark in the N64, unless you could Metroid Primes as FPSes. Final Fantasy VII or any other Final Fantasy after VI.


Played loads of Mega Drive games, and have a MD in my living room, but have never tried any of the JRPGs for the system, whereas I’ve basicslly played all the major Super NES/Super Famicom JRPGs which have English translations available.

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I never had a PS2 or PS3, and a few things from those still aren't available elsewhere. Ico, for one. I've played Last Guardian and now Sotc, so it would be good to complete the 'series' in reverse order some time. Also, Demon's Souls. Dark Souls is my favourite game ever, so it's quite a big thing that I never played this. Hopefully it gets a remake.


I've also hardly touched many of the big blockbuster franchises that are around nowadays - Uncharted, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, Fall Out etc. Most I've played very briefly, but they aren't for me. Not bothered with any Red Dead games either.


Oh, and Zelda BotW, but I've just got it, so will be rectifying that very soon.

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Metroid/Metroid Prime series (except a brief go on the original via emulator)

Pokemon series 

Most 3D Mario games

Maniac Mansion/Day of the Tentacle/Sam & Max Hit the Road/Full Throttle

EDF series


Papers Please


The Last of Us

Crash Bandicoot/Spyro the Dragon (the remasters of these games got a lot of attention from people slightly younger than me)

Thief series

World of Warcraft

Command & Conquer series

John Madden Football (missing out on this is probably a more noteworthy achievement in the US than it is here...)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Chrono Trigger

Wario Ware

Yakuza series


Played only one or two entries in a long series:

Completed Ocarina of Time, abandoned the GBA port of A Link to the Past at the last boss - but those are the only two Zelda games I've played.

Dark Souls is the only From Software game I've played

SOTN is the only Castlevania I've played

R-Type Final is the only R-Type game I've played (and no one seemed to like it except Edge...)

COD4: Modern Warfare is the only Call of Duty I've played

Only played the first couple of missions of Assassin's Creed 2

The first level of Hitman 2 is the only Hitman game I've played

Final Fantasy VII is the only FF I've played (and only the first few hours)

Played only the first few levels of Saint's Row the Third (I think IV is the one people love for its outrageous bonkersness, right?)

Devil May Cry 3 SE is the only DMC game I've played

Fallout 3


Started but not finished:

Grim Fandango

Dark Souls

Resident Evil IV

Deus Ex


Mass Effect 2

Life is Strange

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Things I haven't played (beyond maybe a fleeting session on an emulator): FFVI (III), Ocarina, LttP, BotW, Resi 4, Pokemon series, Smash Bros series, Metroid series, Mass Effect series, Red Dead series, Shenmue series, most Marios after 64.


However, I think my biggest regret has been not getting a WiiU for Bayo 2 and TMS.

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Haven’t played a single Final Fantasy. Haven’t played Minecraft, World of Warcraft or any Diablo. Super Mario 64 is in my top 5 best games ever but I’ve never completed it. Have played every (non-CDI) Zelda, love the series, but only ever completed Link’s Awakening and Ocarina. 


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I couldn't wait for my ultra belated first Super Metroid run to be over because I found it a deeply flawed and unbalanced experience, and in my case I don't think it was worth it just to be able to have a informed opinion on it.


Never enjoyed a Zelda game? It doesn't matter. There's nothing 'wrong' with you for finding other games more engaging or whatever.

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Loving the people (person?) who've come into the thread and negged people for not having played certain games!


The only games I can think of for me are WoW and PUBG/Fortnite's BR mode, as even my patented "play every game of note even if I think I'll hate it" approach couldn't overcome my aversion to the sheer misery I experience when trying any modern online games with strangers.

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I got Super Metroid for my 14th birthday, because Super Play raved about it so much. That big box version with the partial guide... I still have it all too! 


I was prob too young for the game at the time and didn’t appreciate it, and never got passed the wall jump bit with the animals. 


9 years later, Metroid Prime blew my tiny mind and I rinsed that game, finishing it over and over. I loved the sequel just as much as well as the GBA games, Zero & Fusion. 


So this xmas break, armed with a “new” Jap cartridge played via my Super Famicom, I blasted through Super Metroid and fucking LOVED it. Had to consult a guide for one tiny bit — which you can prob guess — but man, incredible game and maybe my favourite of the series. 



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