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Edge #328 | Kingdom Hearts III

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7 hours ago, bloodywolf said:

Im a new digital subscriber, does anyone know how long it takes to appear on the app?

I would have thought it would have appeared there before the hard copies started landing


The issue is officially out on Thursday, I believe.

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On 29/12/2018 at 11:27, Mr. Gerbik said:

...I would have thought that Edge would have been one the few publications to look past the absurdly high budget polish and take a critical look at the game part of the game, and how Rockstar has arguably gone backwards over the years.


Considering all the work that went into issue 325 and the level of access they got for that RDR2 feature, turning around and pissing off Rockstar would not have been worth it for EDGE. 


The oddest thing in this issue is not even the OTT praise for RDR2, it's that EDGE called out Sega about the title spelling of Project Judgment without realising that Judgment and Judgement are both valid spellings of the same word (Hype Roundup, Page 52). FFS, that's just plain ridiculous.



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I dunno, maybe they just really liked RDR2? If it’d been me reviewing it, I wouldn’t have needed any prompting from Rockstar to give it top marks. It’s one of the best games I’ve played for years, maybe ever, and I’m not saying that because I had access to the developers for a preview and I want to avoid pissing them off by saying it’s rubbish. I think it’s true. Presumably whoever wrote the review and advocated for the game in the Edge awards thinks the same. 

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A game as divisive as RDR2 probably shouldn't top game of the year polls. 


As someone who got 10 hours in and gave up because of the awful, dogshit gameplay and linearity of the storyline, it's been a good weathervane to see which outlets can get bowled over by some pretty graphics and a big budget.


That's before even going into the ethical argument. RDR2 was made under terrible working conditions by people exploited horrifically. Should we really be applauding that?

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