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Polar (Netflix Film) - Mads Mikkelsen

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I ended up watching this because I clicked on it by accident. Make of that what you will.


To echo most of you, the two main leads were actually very good, tbh its a shame they didnt have more screentime together. The wierdo hitsquad could fuck right off entirely for all I cared.

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Wow, what an absolutely bizarre film this was. 


The scene with the pug is brilliant and did make me laugh

a 1000% reference to John Wick


The whole premise/main plot line is a great idea but I genuinely didn't understand why the hitmen/women were on the side of Mr Blut.


It is a film that is all over the place. The scenes with Mads are fantastic but it reminded me of Suckerpunch in that it just seemed to be a load of set piece scenes cobbled together.  Like Suckerpunch, the treatment of the female characters was pretty horrible and misogynistic. I felt really uncomfortable watching this at times - in particular the treatment of the character played by Ruby O. Fee who just seemed to be in the film to be leered at. 


I did, half way through, start counting the references and that's always a bad thing. Old Boy,  Transformers (the scene with Ruby O. Fee walking up the stairs in hot pants), Sin City, Shoot 'Em Up, Hardcore Henry, Metal Gear Solid, Pulp Fiction... they were just piled on near the end.


It's a weird film and although I enjoyed a lot of it, I also hated myself for watching it.


This review is pretty spot on.





Polar is painful to watch, and not just in the many scenes of cruel torture that it revels in. Its disrespect for the audience can only be rivalled by its disrespect for women - several of them give the impression that they’ve been caught in the act of stripping for some sleaze ball. It has nothing worthwhile to say about violence in movies, nor about the role of women in male-centric films.


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