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Playstation Store January sale, started already!

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17 hours ago, K said:


Whoops. That's a real shame if you can no longer buy it.


Probably worth £3.99 then. Plus, it comes with an exciting metagame of downloading 20,000 individual pieces of DLC.


I would definitely pay £4 for ridge racer vita. It got a lot of flak because it was content bare but the dlc tracks are exclusive to the game from what I remember.


It plays very similar to ridge 7 and looks great. Remember the original only had one track and we loved it then!

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16 hours ago, Fargo said:

Imagine picking up a PS4 for the first time this Christmas and being able to get 5 years of Sony exclusives at half price or better! 


I did a similar thing with the PS2 and ordered four classic titles along with it. Never felt so glutted with gaming goodness. 

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Earth's Dawn is a pretty good VanillaWare alike that's a steal for like 2.50. Doesn't quite match their level but a nice sci-fi take on the 2d scrolling battler. 


Other than that I got Dead Cells for 15, the Spider-Man season pass and Long Reach and Nonary Games on Vita. That's despite only just starting Titanfall 2 from the last sale. Getting almost like the good old days of Steam over here.

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