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Marvel's Shang-Chi


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Absolutely loved this. I wasn't a fan of Far From Home and this kinda summed up why. It was a film that felt entirely based around its central character and his aims and backstory. It used the connected world to make a few jokes and expand things but most of the key stuff was based around Shang Chi. it obviously helped that the action was absolutely top notch throughout. It maybe didn't need to be quite so supernatural in the end, a bit more faith in the martial arts combat that had served the film so well might have had it properly perfectly nail the landing, but it didn't hurt my enjoyment too much. 


One of the better non-Avengers Marvel films for me, certainly the best since Black Panther and up there with that and Homecoming at the top of my list. 

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Just watched this and really enjoyed it.  Essentially a fantasy martial arts film and pretty far removed from any Marvel film I've seen.  Some of the fighting had shades of Jackie Chan and at times I felt the need to watch House Of Flying Daggers again!

It's got a fucking big Chinese dragon in it as well, and I'm a sucker for them.


Much better than I expected from the trailers.

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1 hour ago, sir stiff_one said:


I didn't really have much exposure to them - or quality - when I was younger (I think Retreat, No Surrender was my earliest memory, for example), instead seeing more trashy American action stuff during my formative years. I've still never seen much outside of Jackie Chan's Hollywood stuff either.

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I wanted to hate on this and so much to hate but the characters are likeable and the jokes decent. The story had heart.


Downsides? Absolutely horrible art design, garish colours but flat and boring at the same time.


The CGI and lighting was horrible. Like low budget shit.


The Mandarin stole the show again. 

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