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Name that retro arcade game

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I was watching one of those "ten games you something something something" videos on YouTube. I think it was "can't play anymore", even though you could fairly easily play most of them.


One of the ones was a horror-themed side scrolling brawler that looked interesting. I thought I'd be able to remember the name of it, but can't. And now I can't find the video either.


From my crappy description, any suggestions as to what it might be?

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A 16-bit topdown shooter where you start near a crashed blue B17 in a jungle. Which might not've been a B17, blue, or even crashed! But I'm sure it was in a jungle!


The only thing I'm certain about is that the plane was impressively large. First half of the '90s.

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On 14/11/2018 at 07:14, lightah said:

Calibre 50 by Seta I think, great game. Had the twisty joysticks like Ikari Warriors. Was a mega drive port also but that wasn't good


Ooh, that's close, but I don't think it's quite the full Roy Walker. (Although obviously it might well be, because age.)


SNK's definitely the ballpark. Maybe Data East; possibly Konami. I think it had a regular stick, though, rather than the yellow twiddlers. You can still buy those!

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