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British Restaurant Style Curry


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I bought this years ago and had great success with it:




Top tip: close your kitchen door when making the onion base, or your house will smell of boiled onions for a fortnight.

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14 hours ago, Mr Monday said:

It’s BIR curry you want to search for on Youtube.  I haven’t tried any of this guys recipes, but they look good.  I still use The Takeaway Secret book myself.


Base gravy v2




I'm struggling to watch Al's videos they are making me hungry. 




what I always struggle with the base gravy as they boil the ingredients and never fry them first. That always seems odd to me. 


Have you cooked any of these or just watched the videos?

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  • 10 months later...

The forum I linked to in the post above yours is your best bet as it's full of obsessives who have worked every angle imaginable in order to make their recipes as BIR authentic as possible, the prep work is key in making a good base sauce to build up from, some of the members posted some very useful videos and step by step pictures/instructions. 

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22 hours ago, stephen129 said:


Don't get me wrong, that would be delicious, but BIR is pretty unhealthy.

So Al’s base gravy doesn’t use much oil. The recipe says 60ml of vegetable oil and one tablespoon of ghee. I used olive oil and ghee. 

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Well that experiment worked. 

Chicken Chana Bhuna:








I was told it was better than a restaurant!


fried onion, then garlic and ginger then added spices: Garam Masala, ground cumin, dried fenugreek. Then I let it down with some tomato purée mixed with what we (second picture, there’s some fresh coriander in there as well). Then I added the chicken and pepper and the curry base:  third picture. 

Then the chickpeas at the end, ready serve, picture 4. 




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