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There She Goes - BBC4


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Is anyone watching this? I stumbled across it by accident the other night and it's brilliant. At first I thought it was a grim documentary about autism, and it sort of is, but then David Tennant deadpanned about having whatever is wrong with his daughter named after him "I could be the next Tourette!" and I nearly spat beer all over the sofa. 


The setup is Tennant and Jessica Hynes have a daughter with severe learning difficulties, and the plot bounces between when she was pregnant and with Rosie as a 9yr old. Obviously it's not wall to wall jokes, but the drama is brilliantly written and played and makes the comedy feel well earned somehow. Rosie is trapped as a roughly 18 month old mentally, so any parent will recognise the tantrums and stubbornness, but magnified by her being 9 years old. 


Shaun Pye wrote it from personal experience, and all the characters feel properly real, but credit has to go to Tennant and Hynes for genuinely great performances. They both come across as smart, funny people, who just have a hell of a lot to deal with day to day and just about manage to keep their heads above water. 


There's no way in hell I would have watched this from either a description or the trailer, but having stumbled across it accidentally I'm glad I did. 

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Bloody hell episode 4 was hard work. But so well done. Again the characters are just nailed on, the grandparents could literally be my mum and step-dad.


The conversation between Emily and Simon in the past when John took the kids for a walk was so accurate it was horrible to watch. The last two minutes was perfect though, I was genuinely laughing and crying at the same time. 

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