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Is Read Dead Redemption 2 any good?


Is Red Dead Redemption 2 any good?  

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8 minutes ago, Majora said:

It's the best game I've played since Breath of the Wild, whilst also being a bit dated and clumsy in places.

This is a good summary. So far (I'm only about four hours in max).


Love what it's doing, bumbling my way around it. 

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Some minor annoyances don't tarnish one of the best games I've ever played not called Witcher 3.


I don't think the controls are that bad. The issues I have are small but bothersome - the tutorials are really poorly done and placed bizarrely - 10 or so hours in and it gives the tutorial for stuff I have been doing since the start, and they've gone for the same tutorial system all the other Rockstar games have of a tiny bit of text in the corner of the screen, useless! The other issue is that there is a lot of of really annoying and fussy UI and inventory management. A pc version with hotkeys will be the way to play it for those with a pc when it eventually happens. 

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25 minutes ago, Kayin Amoh said:

Answer really depends on how much you value graphics.


This is a really interesting point. Especially when you consider the context of what those graphics represent. The world of RDR is probably one the most beautifully released game worlds in existence. Which is what ultimately creates the bulk of the gameplay. If that is not something which appeals, and for me it didn't at the start, then it's basically no different to GTA 3 from a gameplay perspective. 

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28 minutes ago, Bojangle said:

Game of the generation etc talk is mad though. MAD.


Yes, because so much of this is regressive.


18 minutes ago, Calashnikov said:

Can you invert the X-axis of the camera? GTA V was unplayable for me because you couldn’t.



24 minutes ago, Kayin Amoh said:

Answer really depends on how much you value graphics.


In some ways yes - the vistas, the detail in the clothing, the tactile nature of the weapons when you clean them.  


But I can't simply remove my coat if I feel too hot, I can't talk to someone I've hogtied if the game decrees I shouldn't have hogtied him because I didn't know he was the one owing the money & etc.

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The controls certainly aren't as good as the full game experience, but the full game experience is nothing short of amazing.


But the controls really aren't that bad - it's nothing that would ever stop me playing, you do get used to them the more you play and TBH even when they don't feel right, it doesn't spoil the moment.  I can't say I notice any real issues with them now I'm about 7/8 hours in.


The controls are - initially - a very, very minor irritation in a game which is otherwise a spectacular work of art, and a fine achievement in game making.


So yes - it's good.

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