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I had my first ever gin on Christmas Day, during my yoof only old women drank G&T so I never tried it - couldn’t tell you what it was but was mixed with lemonade and it was lovely! I remember trying tonic water on it’s own once and it was rank - is it the best mixer?


Educate me, what is a good combo to start me off - I’ve seen a few from Aldi mentioned in the thread and have one down the road so ideal to pick up some cheaper stuff to try. 

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Last time I was in London I popped out for lunch with some chums at Chapeldown Gin Works, near Kings Cross and had a smashing time. They do wine and beer but have recently moved into gins and vodkas, and they have some pretty good stuff, as well as a pretty tasty and affordable food menu. Lots of thumbs up, would get delightfully tipsy there again.

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On 13/08/2019 at 15:47, Rog said:

Quite tasty...





My friend makes this. He's an amazing character, if you're in Bristol centre then venture downstairs at the Rummer and if he's around he'll probably give you a tour, a sample, or at least make you laugh with his sheer charm.

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In some most excellent news, one of my local distilleries - Campfire Gin - who make an excellent Old Tom gin (which I'm drinking right now), have put their Christmas gins on pre-order: https://puddingstonedistillery.com/special-editions-gins/


It took me a long time to decide which of the regular, cask or cherry to go for (cask!) but am tempted to persuade family to get me the cherry for Christmas. Nom nom nom.

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