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Creative Block

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I don't know, I feel so anxious to do so many things in my life, school and home, but I just keep crying in my bedroom, listening to songs that I will never create or thinking about the meaning of living.

Maybe I'm in a "creative block"?

Can someone help me about it?


I like to take pics, make lyrics, poems and draw. Please, help me. I am an artist stuck on own nightmare.

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Try and set aside a certain amount of time a day when you work without distraction. Do anything at all even if you're not convinced it's great. Half the battle is getting into the habit of actually working. It can be a slog, and frustrating, but once it becomes habit it will be less frustrating. Be happy with any progress, don't worry if you only get a few lines, or a sketch. Even if they're no good they're progress towards something that is good. 


Don't sit around waiting for inspiration, it doesn't come. Great artists and writers were great because they put in the work. Get into that habit.

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