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I don't know, I feel so anxious to do so many things in my life, school and home, but I just keep crying in my bedroom, listening to songs that I will never create or thinking about the meaning of living.

Maybe I'm in a "creative block"?

Can someone help me about it?


I like to take pics, make lyrics, poems and draw. Please, help me. I am an artist stuck on own nightmare.

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You've mentioned the bad points, but try to think about the good points too.
It's both a blessing and a curse.
Anxiety is your superpower, you are anxiety woman!
It's what makes you much more in tune with the world and the people around you.


Being hyper aware and ultra sensitive is a pain in the arse, sometimes you just want to cook eggs, but if you're doing something creative, you've got a pretty good head-start.


You can't force ideas to come but you can put yourself in a state where you're ready to receive them.
Don't just sit at a dusty piano or stare at a blank page feeling depressed, go nuts, have fun, let loose, make the worse thing you possibly can, you'll soon find yourself again.

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