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New Intellivision waste of time.

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There probably is a gap in the market for the Wii-like super-casual console vacated by Nintendo but it’s very hard to pull that off without the existing brand power and loyal existing audience of Nintendo, similar to how Apple’s transformation required the Apple brand and existing loyal audience so they were able to succeed where NeXT/BeOS weren’t. I don’t think Intellivision’s brand will cut it.


I doubt it’s a coincidence its price is the same as the Wii’s US launch price.

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it's two months away, and as you may know, I prepped for it by getting the Intellivision Lives! collection on PS2.


the games are very much a case of "I guess you had to be there"... does this mean the remakes will have modern concessions?

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I've ordered one of these on Argos. I'm a sucker for crap consoles.


I reckon it won't come out in April though.


Has anyone seen those awful shilling videos Amiico are making with everyone going nuts over the games. A lot of the comments are really positive. I don't get it.


The reviews and reactions are so fake it is embarrasing really.


A lot of the games look like flash games.

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At least Night Hunter looks better then the Aquarius version.


Hopefully gamesack or ashens will review it.


And thats all i need. Companies like these don't seem to release many retroheads can't even be bothered to play these old games. Just looking or reading is quite enough. We've become that Lethargic or rather we always wanted to move forward back then.


In the meantime i'll get back to Nioh2. Or a cave shmup. That can handle a ton of sprites.

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On 14/02/2021 at 13:20, Droo said:

... and as if by magic this appeared on my Amazon:




They must be off their heads if they think that they’d make a success of this for £250. I read an article last year and they guy behind it seemed very passionate and enthusiastic about the project which was cool, how it was pitched was almost like an interactive board game. Something that a group of friends or family can play simple games together on.

It really needs to be £100 to sell as that product and to that market. If what they wanted in this device is pushing the costs that high then they needed to rein it in. It’s more expensive than a Switch ffs!!! I’d like to know what’s in there that’s pushing costs up so much. 

Lastly, that design! Looks so cheap and tacky definitely not a hi tech consumer product. Who thought that was a good design? No one is looking at that and thinking interactive games, more like one of those cheap sub £50 wireless home phones. 

It’s going to flop so hard. 

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8 hours ago, Oh Danny Boy said:

It really needs to be £100 to sell as that product and to that market.


That's the price I had in mind (£150 max if justified), and it really needs proper controllers. I like that they're trying something different there, but not at the cost of losing standard controls completely.


What I do like is how opensource it feels, and so I think it's a shame it's not a bunch cheaper with support for normal pads, using that dev friendliness to become a hub for indies. Feels like the right business model with the wrong product, and way less cynical than the Crank Boy (price excluded).

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On 23/10/2018 at 07:45, Ste Pickford said:


WH Smiths, Stockport town centre. I used to play Soccer on that Intellivision all the time.  Probably for hours. It looked so real!

 I did the same! Also went to Woolworths a lot in Manchester city centre as they had a few display consoles you could play for ages with no bother.


 I vaguely recall a place on Dale Street in Manchester as well? In fact I remember one of the guys who owned it telling us about the first time he saw Galaxians at some show, and that it was "in full colour" and we didn't believe him because it sounded like black magic at the time! :blush:

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I think the writing was on the wall with the office tour video on Youtube where Tommy says "Here is the shipping area but we don't have anything to ship" then has a look like he's said the wrong thing.


If it was going to hit April, it would have to be with suppliers now.

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On 15/02/2021 at 19:59, Yiggy said:

Skiing, Astrosmash, Shark! Shark!, Corn-Hole and Farkle

I Googled and found this video.  The guy's trying to be positive but I skimmed through and the first two bits I saw made me laugh as he attempts to downplay people's criticisms. 

The games do look better than I expected.

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I mean as a family console the games look reasonable and they’re clearly going for something quite different. I think there is a market for this but not at that price for me. 

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