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Arcade club - Bury

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I just went there again last night and haven’t been for over a year, but this time also got to try out the newer floor they installed for the first time. A few things have been rearranged but it’s certainly looking more impressive than ever. It felt like I was visiting again for the first time and there was so much there I didn’t even see half of the stuff as I got stuck on to playing things. 


The lower floor has load last of Japanese rhythm games and begins to feel like you’re in Tokyo when you are stood around It all. I’m not really a beat game person but they are quite cool. 


I noticed that they have a lot more staff now than previously and lots to get in terms of refreshments at decent prices. Both floors have bars which is cool and you can get food from both I think. Even the entrance to the main building has a new reception with a walk in merch and sweets shop replacing the original desk/counter on the top floor. 


Its also clearly very popular as there were a lot of people on both floors and the whole car park was full when we got there. It’s still £15 for both floors and 10 for the one.


BAC is seriously one of the most impressive places in the UK for arcade and gaming in general. I was called the biggest arcade in Europe before that second floor was even created so go figure.

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My brother’s emailed me loads of photos of his visits to the Club, as he’s up north and goes every other month or so. Looks an incredible place to visit – would love to go if I wasn’t hundreds of miles away! Where else in the UK can you play Gokujo Parodius and Rainbow Islands in the same building?

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