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Microsoft Cloud Gaming - coming to Samsung TVs


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I need to look into sorting out my network chain. I'm using a fairly decent 5G router in my living room but Xcloud can have artifacts when playing on my S22 Ultra in my bedroom. It's perfect via 5G data and I'm on an unlimited plan but I'm always on wifi in the house and so need to switch that off on my phone, which is easy enough but a slight hassle. 


Like I say, it's awesome on 5G Data but playing my PS5 via remote play on my 5G wifi is perfect so something needs a shove. Really enjoying playing some remote gaming in bed, Kishi for Xcloud but the full fat haptic Dualsense experience for remote play. 


Maybe WIFI 6??

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7 hours ago, amc said:

Maybe WIFI 6??


I still get artefacts (the strange "screen wipe" effect) when playing on my laptop on Wifi 6, so I doubt that will help.


Oddly one thing that seems to have really helped is manually setting my DNS servers on my laptop rather than allowing them to be selected automatically. I've just set them to use the same ISP servers it always uses, but manually setting them seems to have dramatically reduced the amount of artefacts and screen wipes I get. I picked up that tip on Reddit somewhere and I have no idea why it works, it makes zero sense to me, but it definitely does seem to help.

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On 16/11/2022 at 21:13, Uncle Mike said:

It seems very odd to me that they couldn't make the streaming stick fit the budget. I know the controller part wouldn't be standard Bluetooth, but even so. A Chromecast is what, £60?


Depends on the internals they wanted it to have. The Xbox series consoles are a useless comparison because they aren't even sold at mere break-even, but instead at a significant loss and for whatever reason, they weren't willing to do the same for this streaming stick idea.


Very curious as to its part list if it was costing them significantly over $130.


But this shows how not massively overpriced Logitech's G Cloud handheld is when you aren't heavily subsidising hardware and warping people's perception of economic reality in the process.

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