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Inktober 2018.

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Day 31.


Finally its over. I always start with vim and vigure and grow to loath the whole pressure thing by the end. But here we are, thanks for all the positive comment. Well done to all those that took part. See you next year ;)


Day 31. Colour slicing through the grey city.


I'm going to add some more detail to this one later. But for now, I'm done. 


I'm pretty happy with the result overall. I think the story makes sense, there are pages I would do again in an instant. However the wave, scream and monet pages are better than I hoped they'd be.

I've learned a few new techniques, pushed myself with narrative and illustration for the first time. 


So it's all good in the end. :D

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I'm still doodling away but not been happy with any of the results at all which I'm finding highly frustrating and I know this is something I need to push through and overcome as when i do something I like I feel so much better within myself and feel it's good for my mental health.

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