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Films that are good for the soul


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What films do you watch again and again, that lift you up when you feel low?


For me it’s always As Good As It Gets.


3 people with completely different, complex lives figure out their problems and move things forward. A bit.


I fucking love Melvin Udall. And Helen Hunt's performance in it is just pitch perfect.

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The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.


Although there is a lot of misery in it. And the ending is achingly bittersweet, rather than joyful. But it’s the most beauty ever to have been committed to celluloid, so it does wonders for the soul. 

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I saw Lucky last night and felt like it was just this sort of thing. 


It's just a nice, sad film about getting and being old, but it's not depressing like Another Year and is less cynical than Broken Flowers. 


Ratatouille and Coco are my go to Pixar films to put on when I'm bummed out. 

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Yeah, Totoro and Porco Rosso. Also Ponyo. Miyazaki is all about the positive feelings.


Outside of those:


A Matter of Life and Death.

Wayne's World - I just love those characters to bits.

Cocoon and Batteries Not Included.

Toy Story, 1 & 2. "We're falling - with style!" or Jessie's epiphany in the second.

Almost any Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movie (and +1 for Singing in the rain).


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7 hours ago, Stigweard said:

I've not seen it over and over but I think Little Miss Sunshine would fit into this catergory perfectly.


Also Grand Budapest Hotel.


Little Miss Sunshine was the first film that came into my head when I saw the thread title.  It’s a beautiful little film.

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You've Got Mail and 10 Things I Hate About You qualify here I think, although I love a lot of the movies mentioned here already as well, like Little Miss Sunshine, Amélie, Lucky. But I generally tend to return to TV shows rather than films when I feel low.

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