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FM2019 - Start Wearing Purple!


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Is it easier this year or do I just know what I'm doing after thousands of hours? 


Won League One with Coventry at a canter (lost 3 games all season) and now 9 games into the Championship season, 3 points clear having won all 9. Not bad considering my transfer budget was 0 both seasons and I had less than 10k to spend on wages. 


Im sure this post will have the desired effect and I'll go on a 15 game losing run and get sacked

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I think it is easier, but that’s no bad thing.


I’m really enjoying my save. Actually bickering with Lovren and Lallana at the minute because I’m trying to sell them to raise some money to bring in Sule(?) from Bayern.


Lovren was mad I turned down a £12m offer from a Chinese team, but I’d already accepted a £15m one from a different Chinese team. He failed to agree terms though so now I’ve accepted two £12m bids from two more Chinese clubs but tried to persuade him to go the one who didn’t have me paying half of his wages. His response? “I disagree. I think West Brom is the best move for me.” They haven’t even bid for you, you lummox!


Meanwhile everyone in America were apparently interested in Lallana but nobody actually bid for him so it’s looking like a cut price £18.75m to Watford is his only option. He’s worth £48m but he’s 30 and always injured, plus I’ve signed two players who can play centre mid, so I’d rather cash in now and bring in a new centre back to rotate with VvD, Gomez and Matip.


I am absolutely loving it though. I feel really involved and immersed, not sure what’s changed. Maybe it’s cos I’m not normally Liverpool? Probably helps that I’ve got them playing like Klopp does too. Oh and I went top of the league on New Year’s Day!


Also signed a player I proper loved on PES2017, even though he’s no good and doesn’t have a work permit. Some things never change.:P

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27 minutes ago, disperse and recoagulate said:



Do I start again, or continue the save from the BETA?


Restarting all the way! Have restarted a few times already. Don't think I've made it to Christmas on any of the saves yet :lol:

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Nah no need to restart. Match engine etc. changes apply to all saves, and if you fixed the database (real names fix etc.) before your beta save then you won't see any different. 


I'm carrying on with my Derby save. Third season and hoping for a better league showing than my first in the premiership. I took 39 points at home and only 9 away. 


Loans seem quite OP. I still have Mason Mount and Harry Wilson and am paying a pittance of a salary. Might see if I can extend again... 

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Some stats have been adjusted. Like some centre mid at Shrewsbury has 19 finishing on mine, whereas he won't if I start again. This make me presume there are more glaring errors that slipped into the BETA that could end up game-spoiling, so I am tempted to start again. Will be difficult though, because my save is awesome and I'd feel like cheating if I try to replicate it and buy players I've seen transferred and know their prices.

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My mate used to skip to the result of each game, I couldn't do that, I have to watch each game so I can make decisions on subs and tactics as I go, half the fun is throwing a 17 year old unknown lad in and watching him score a screamer on his debut. 


So anyway my Coventry save. I'm 8 games before the end of my second season, top of the Championship, 6 points clear. Obviously with no budget and no real money in the Championship I'm a little bit in the red financially (less than 1m mind) and I'm a bit concerned that when it becomes official that I've won the league and they set my budgets for my season in the Prem, before any of the Prem money has come in I'll be left with a tiny budget, if any and the Prem will be a daunting task. I suppose I might be able to muddle through one season and just about stay up with a few decent loans but time will tell. 


My highlight of this season was beating Chelsea in the FA Cup, 3-2, and not a Chelsea B either, they had their first team out. My 100k bargain signing Mo Eisa scoring a hattrick from the right wing 

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I'm ridiculously ill at work today and if it wasn't for the litre of Lucozade I've glugged, I reckon I'd have died. Yet I've spent a lot of my day zoned out thinking about my FM save.


Really I should go home, eat, put my daughter to bed and then climb in bed myself. But I know come 7:30 I'll be loading up FM like a mug.


FM19 is class. Nearly wasted £80m on Varane but thankfully he chose City (I have VvD, Gomez, Sule and Matip so really don't need him) so might end up using the money to bring in Ryan Sessegnon because Milner covering at left back isn't ideal. I've got some sixteen or seventeen year old right back coming in from America too so hopefully Fabinho won't need to cover Trent anymore. My scout also found a player called Gravenbirch (or something) from Ajax who apparently has five star potential. Managed to sign him for £1.3m. :omg: He's a sixteen year old centre-mid. Will be good replacement for the Ox or Keita, I reckon. Thinking of selling Ox cos he's 3-star current/3-star potential so tempted to cash in on him.


Also will probably sell Shaqiri because I don't play his position and he's probably too old to learn complete forward. Real Madrid are sniffing around Mane and Firmino too so maybe one of them will go, now I've got big Mario on board (who has a bright green circle for complete forward, of which I play THREE) and still have Salah and Icardi. Oh and that Nigerian chap Taiwo Awoniyi will be coming back from loan and he's worth £9m so hopefully I can get a bit of cash for him too.


So yeah, loving it. It's the save from the BETA but I'm enjoying it too much to start again.

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If anybody feels like trying it I've made an insane 5-1-2-2 very attacking formation, which is very solid defensively. It can be found here (use the 5122 link further down the page, the 5131 is for shutting up shop):




And Steam Workshop link:



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so first season Sunderland - yeah league one, should have been good...was good!



second season Sunderland - i thought the expectations were a bit high, but carried on, like with the same team and formation from the last season flying high



and then, the big one, the first season with the big boys, not gonna lie, started off tough! ..but...a tactical tweak...and well...this happened! 0_o



This was the formation i used in the prem, after having the wingers pushed up higher the two previous, and playing attacking, not cautious, but, that simply didnt work in the prem, so a little defensive...but, considering the goals scored, i think well worth while!






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Can anyone explain why lots of my players seem obsessed by Quickness training and what I can do about it? The training is run by my assistant manager, but I've gone in and changed the schedule to make more sessions quickness, but there are still at least seven or eight players who are unhappy with training because they still don't get enough quickness!


It's the game I started in the beta, but doubt that would make much difference?

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Into my 4th season as Coventry


Recap - 


Season 1 - won League One

Season 2 - won  Championship

Season 3 - 7th in the Prem (Europa spot) 


Season 4 - 


So finishing 7th in the Prem and making a healthy 5-10m a month profit with the TV money in the previous season I ended up with a fairly healthy transfer budget of 45m and a wage budget double to 1m. This allowed me to replace a lot of the players who had got me up to the Prem but are either now too old or too shit for that level.... A few of my signings then... 


Joaquin Correa - AML - Stoke - 17m


Handed in a transfer request when Stoke got relegated and my scouts had him labeled as "Buy at any cost" so no brainer


Gabriel Barbosa - ST - Inter - Free


Bargain of my entire Football Manager playing life. I've signed him multiple times through the years, sometimes for silly money but got lucky this season and signed him on a free when his contract was up at Inter. Still on 24 aswell. 


Ruben Loftus Cheek - AMC - Chelsea - 4m


Another absolute bloody bargain, Chelsea wanted 38m for him the previous season and by luck managed to nab him for 4m just before his contract ran out. 


So that's about where I am now, I'm aiming for Top 4 this year, would love a Champions League spot. I've already beat Man City 2-1 away and drew 3-3 with a Liverpool team that have won the league the last 3 years in a row so I quite fancy my chances. 

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