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Where were you on the day Bowser became the most trending Princess?


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Dunno if anyone has been watching but a thing happened. There's an item in the NSMB game coming to Switch that turns Toadette into Peach. People appreciated this mildly and moved on.


Then this happened




Bowsette was born and it looks like the growth rate is exponential. By my calculations we only have about 48 hours before everyone on the planet has the crown. On the bright side it's going to be a very sexy singularity.


Apparently the number 1 trend on Japanese twitter.

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15 minutes ago, Harsin said:

From what I can make out Nintendo added some item to a Mario game and it’s resulted in weirdos jerking it to drawings of Princess Peach in S&M gear somehow.

No idea how this happened from what was shown.


But then maybe I should know from what has happened before. Disturbing and very removed from any thought I had, I worry for these people.

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