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Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Mr Do 71

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8 minutes ago, MagicalDrop said:

I've not wholly kept up with today's thread - has everyone had Saharah wandering about? She's been here on and off all day. 


Not on my island


Meanwhile Katt took the time to tell me about her latest dream...



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3 minutes ago, Salsa Party Animal said:

How do I climb up the next level  as I can't reach some part of the island. 

My character is Zidane of Chicago ;)


You need to unlock the ladder by progressing the island growth over a few days.

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4 hours ago, CovisGod said:

I’m going to have a Games Room in my basement like my New Leaf game! Going to start collecting bits immediately! If anyone comes across any arcade machines, claw machines, DJ equipment, Flat screen TVs, Pinball Machines etc. Keep me in mind!


I can get these for you from my catalogue.



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Back early from work tonight so will be on for a chunk of the evening. Looking for Pears. I have all fruits available for collection for friends except those. I also have a bit of spare bamboo (not shoots for planting though).


I also have the Animal Crossing Switch at my Nook tent, its over 30k bells though but happy to get it for anyone that can stump up the cash.


My code is already on the thread list I think, but if you haven't got me my code is:

SW 7377 5880 4015

Jigsawn/Jiggy at Shadyglade


I broke my shovel today by hitting rocks. It had been fine until then. I think hitting things really reduces the durability of the items.


Do you need to build Nooks shop to get the ladder? I got the museum yesterday and it is as glorious as you say, I was blown away! I also have a bunch of animals I've invited to the island but none have shown up yet, when will that happen and if I don't like where I house them, can I relocate them later?


Still not got 30 iron yet, I've visited a bunch of Nook islands but they don't have many rocks. Trying to get 8 hits on a rock kinda feels like gaming the system and I'm happy to take my time. Someone said use the ladder to get iron for building the shop, but don't you need the shop to get the ladder in the first place?


Got wisp quest yesterday, my reward was for something expensive was... a drying rack full of crockery. Oh joy!


Question, can you kick animals off your island in future to make way for new, cooler ones? I've met some cool neighbours on friends islands and regretting some of my invitations now!


Impressed with the decoration efforts of folk on here I've visited. I have started to raise my aesthetics game! See you in paradise!

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