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Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Mr Do 71

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Yeah, I don't know what's going on there. Something I've noticed that's pretty annoying is, all those lovely Rllmuker messages I had on my noticeboard from the first month or two have been completely wiped clean! The pointless birthday/tournament announcements pushed them off the bottom into oblivion. They could have at least warned me that there's a limit.  😩

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9 hours ago, SteveH said:

A lot of items today in the seasonal section. Seems to be mainly food dishes, so must be new? Only got until the 31st of this month to grab them. 

I think some are a repeat on last year but a few new ones in there too.  2022 arch is deffo new 😉

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40 minutes ago, gizmo1990 said:

My niece and nephew got a Switch with this for Xmas. When I visit them and take along my switch, can they visit my island locally wirelessly or does it all have to be done over the net and a Nintendo sub?

You can visit via Local.

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My kids are all playing now.


Though the two younger ones show no signs of wanting to progress, they spent most of their time yesterday just pushing snowballs around.


They want to visit each others islands but I think you have to unlock that first don't you?

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Happy 2022!  🥳


Time for some clearing out. I got a few DIY's going spare..
Ironwood low table
Tree's bounty mobile
Astronaut suit
Mushroom wreath
Block fence
Document stack
Knight's helmet
Gold armour
Tall lantern
Iceberg flooring
Leaf mask
Golden wall
Forest flooring
Cherry-blossom branches
Ornament table lamp
Ornament mobile
Street piano
Pear tart
Apple smoothie
Apple tart
Fruit scones
Potato potage

And duplicated Gyroids...
Bloopoid x3
Bwongoid x2
Crumploid x2
Oinkoid x2
Tockoid x2
Tremoloid x4
Whistloid x2


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Is it that they haven't popped up for me yet, or is there a distinct lack of kitchen units? Just regular cupboards etc? I hate having to use the diner counter, it looks naff indoors. 

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I don't think there's anything like that at all. You just have a handful of sinks with surrounding cupboards and that's your lot. It's sad that the game has a grid-based system but it's not used to anywhere near its full potential. They could've created sets that slot seamlessly together to create counter tops. They could've fitted into and around corners. Oh well, maybe I'm wanting it to be too much like Rollercoaster Tycoon or something along those lines. Nintendo's philosophy for this game is clearly to keep everything as basic (and tedious) as possible.

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45 minutes ago, Keyboard Koala said:


I have a bunch of turnips to sell, if you're still open?


Sure thing, let me open the gate and I'll post a code in here


EDIT: Code is B96C9 – I'll probably be AFK, but send a friend invite if you can. I also have a tonne of art around. Feel free to call dibs if you need any of it (a lot of fakes too) :) 

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1 minute ago, Keyboard Koala said:

Cheers dude, if you don't mind, my kid will be selling the turnips, and after that I'll come around to buy some art ;)


Yeah man, go nuts. I've hung a keyring around the left stick to stop the console going to sleep, so I'm currently trying to walk through a bush. Don't think me rude if I don't answer – I have a work call in a sec.

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