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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Yeah. Best price I have is 165 at moment. The exchange works perfectly and there were even some prices in the 500s last Saturday so don't feel like you need to do it tonight.


Also, if anyone has a spare beard from Able's, could you send me one please. :)

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Just in case anyone didn't pick up on it in the bits of the new update you can now visit random islands in the dreams thingy, just ask Luna to surprise you.

You do need to update and give permission of your own dream to allow it to be visited by others using the surprise way, so hopefully plenty of folks get on that.

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 Got some recipes again:


 Orange End Table

 Cool Hyacinth Crown

 Log Decorative Shelves

 Stone Table

 Wooden Chair

 Log Wall-mounted Clock x 2


 Jungle Flooring

 Pear Bed

 Street Piano

 Log Extra Long Sofa

 Mossy Garden Rock

 Dark Wooden-mosaic Wall

 Basement Flooring


 Ironwood Dresser

 Garden Wagon



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I have received another recipe from a balloon!


Of course, it's for a red leaf pile and is a duplicate of one of the two seasonal recipes I have.


That's two recipes in forty odd pops now. I have no idea how everyone else is getting them all as the odds seem very low.



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Can't say the odds are as low as that for me.  On average I probably pop about 10 a day and get 0 to 2 seasonal recipes from that.  I think I've all of the current mush ones and all bar the big tree from the maple ones.  Have had quite a few duplicates too, probably around 6 or 7

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I’m up to about 4 on the red leaf ones and have all the mushroom ones and a few spares. The tips posted in here have really helped. The balloons  appear every 5 minutes, from one beach until it switches during the day to the other and always, always play with the sound on if you can.

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I have a really long list of recipe cards to get rid of this week



mush low stool

maple leaf umbrella



palm tree lamp

log round table

jungle flooring

western style stone x3


golden toilet x2

golden casket

basement flooring

tiny library

wooden knot wall

hanging terrarium

mange wall library

aroma pot

large cardboard boxes

windflower fan

cardboard table

plain wooden shop sign

log dining table

wooden bookshelf

bamboo lunch box

orange rug

wooden end tablelucky gold cat

kettle bathtub

music stand

peach umbrella


Shout if you want any, they will all be going in the bin otherwise

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My spare recipes are




Red-leaf pile

Forest flooring

Forest wall

Mush log






Decoy duck

Golden arowana model

Grass skirt

Green grass skirt

Garden bench


Medium cardboard boxes

Modern wood wall

Mountain standee x 2

Orange wall-mounted clock

Peach umbrella

Pear umbrella

Stacked-wood wall

Wooden simple bed



If anyone needs any of those give me a shout.

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