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Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Mr Do 71

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1 hour ago, Rex Grossman said:

Has anything been confirmed about what Amiibo cards will do in this? Nintendo's email about the final preorder date also flags up Amiibos.

I believe the cards will make the villager appear and give you the opportunity to persuade them to stay just like for the ones that randomly appear


51 minutes ago, Shimmyhill said:

Do we know how big the download for this is?

It shows as 6.2 GB on mine

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I pre-ordered this for my daughter for her birthday in May. Given what's happening, she can have it early. I also bought my other daughter a copy so she can play on my Switch and I got my eldest daughter who lives on the other side of town a copy so she can meet up with her sisters. Just told them and really cheered them all up as they're off school this week and getting grumpy. Eldest is now attending Uni online and she normally works at Walkabout when she's not at Uni. She was going to buy it but decided not to as her hours are basically zero right now.

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This chat from the Eurogamer review has me confused/worried:



Some long-established features can also take a little too long to unlock - my first 30 hours of play were conducted to a single piece of music rather than the evolving soundtrack of older games, a measure that goes too far in stripping back the experience before it's folded in again

What does this mean? Do the opening 30 hours just have the one generic piece of background music until ‘event xyz’ happens, and then we get back to having unique themes for every hour of the day (one of my absolute favourite things about the series)?

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