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I thought there was a thread on this already but can't seem to find it. Anyone else really enjoying series 7? I didn't enjoy series 6 so much and worried the format was getting tired but perhaps that was down to my hatred of Liza tarbuck. The bit with Tim Vine and the hook stuck to his shoulder was one of the funniest things I've seen in ages, mind.


This one's started really well though. I admit I only knew of rhod gilbert from the line up but I'm liking them all so far. Jessica knappett is a bit annoying but the rest I've enjoyed, particularly Kerry godliman. Will catch up on last night's episode this evening, woop!

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5 hours ago, Uncle Mike said:

Who hates Liza Tarbuck? Wow.


I used to in my teens, but I think now I've got old and so has she, she's really grown on me. She was hillarious at times on the last series.


5 hours ago, Papaya Dance said:

I didn't enjoy series 6 so much and worried the format was getting tired 

My wife had the same issue and she didn't seem to be too fussed about starting this series, but we caught up on the firts episode last night and both of us laughed out loud a lot.


The show is great and I love how they're pumping out multiple series a year. We missed the first series so went back and watched it after series 2. Up to series 7 within 2 years for us has been great.

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I only discovered the show a few months ago, and it quickly became an absolute favourite. Indeed, the first episode I watched was the second of series 1 (as for some reason, the first episode wasn't available). Romesh's Tree Wizard sold the whole thing.


In terms of the absolutely funniest thing, there's a long way to go to top Rosalind's A Fucking Nightmare.

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Yup, watched the first three episodes so far, and this series is MUCH better than the last ... there was only one actual comedian in the last series: who gave that the green light? Feels like they brought this series out super quick to eradicate the bad taste.

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Only started watching this after a colleague use to go on about it all the time. Absolutely brilliant! After catching up to the current series I watched James Acaster's Netflix specials because of his appearance on Taskmaster.

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We stumbled across the Champion of Champions miniseries at Christmas - our daughter had just been born and the sight of Alex Horne eating a pancake mask off Bob Mortimer's face while the latter screamed 'I've sinned, man!' was so surreal in our sleep-deprived state.


Since then we've caned through all of the series online and every one is brilliant. Series 6 was a mild letdown, the contestants weren't quite up to scratch and the tasks seemed a bit barrel-scraping. It doesn't help that they keep extending the series length every time, I think it's pretty much doubled now.


Best overall contestants for me are Rob Beckett, Katherine Ryan, Hugh Dennis, Mel Giedroyc and Bob Mortimer. Absolutely loving James Acaster on the current series though.

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