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Biggest discrepancy in gaming - your opinion Vs everyone

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SW Battlefront 2 didn’t deserve the slating it got because of the loot box fiasco.  Nothing wrong with the game, just EA’s greed getting in the way.

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9 hours ago, The Bag said:


Yeah, exactly that.  Speaking to them round that time using it basically came with a full time engineer in your office to work with you to integrate it and keep it working.  From what I understand Natural Motion are making a lot of money from their mobile games like CSR.

When I was there we had three full time staff working on Rockstar’s products in a locked room in our office, but I don’t think that was a requirement to get the tech working, more a special arrangement due to the relationship between the companies. I think Rockstar had their own branch of Euphoria integrated into Rage that dated back to the first attempts to squeeze Endorphin down into a video game.


The commercially available version of Euphoria was far more mature and user friendly with pretty good third party engine support (that I remember, I did a bit of work around it but I didn’t have to do the integration). It’s not something you can just drop on top of an existing game, but the issue seemed to be finding someone who had a genuine need for that level of character animation fidelity, most folk could bodge by with other, lighter weight products easily enough if they wanted someone to fall down a flight of stairs or whatever.


They also had Morpheme which is in a fair number of titles, but it’s not as sexy so no one remembers that. I liked Morpheme, it was fun to use and created horrifying nightmare fuel if you messed up the anim network.


Sadly the entire animation technology team was laid off along with the rest of the original studio just after I left, so god knows what’s going on now, it’s a couple of Unity mobile studios for Zynga in the UK more than anything now.

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Everyone I know there these days works on CSR.


Thanks for the info, I’m sure we were told we’d need an engineer, this was during Fable 2’s dev nothing official just kept running into NM people at events and them trying to get us to use it.  Maybe just after the MS money :lol:  


Oh yeah, I’d completely forgotten about Morpheme.

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Fable 2 was, what, 2008? I imagine back then the whole thing was a lot more involved back then, and it probably still is to get it into an engine that wasn't Unreal. Although again that's sort of moot, the whole product family must be end of life now.

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