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The Celebrity Death Thread - Minor, Major, Famous, Infamous


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On 24/12/2022 at 16:35, Hawklord said:

Not been a great month has it?


Maxi Jazz from Faithless, aged 65






Glad to have seen him live with Faithless. Obviously they were more than just one tune, but damn if Insomnia wasn’t an outrageously big tune. He had the crowd in the palm of his hand throughout. Them and the Chemicals were iconic live.

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17 hours ago, JohnC said:

Archer Maclean.



I met him once. I worked at Psygnosis when they were publishing Super Dropzone. I was doing some play testing on it and he sat with me and sketched out how he wanted the difficulty curve to be for the player. He seemed like a nice guy. 


I've often thought that I should have kept that bit of paper. And got him to sign it. 


Not least because my mates, who I played a lot of Pool with, didn't believe I'd met him.

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12 hours ago, davidcotton said:


He played Gilius Thunderhead in All-Star Racing Transformed and was a lovely guy.


He read 'Roar!' as if we wanted him to just say 'Roar!' instead of actually attempting a blood curdling roar and it was so funny we used it.


I'd just rewatched Blake's 7 so when he came in for that session I was 'Wait a minute...'

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Finished a jog around the block today with a burst of Insomnia. Still one of the greatest drops, proper spine tingling. Took me back to many a night dancing badly while standing too close to the speakers. 

Godspeed Maxi, you were one of the good ones.

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