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The Celebrity Death Thread - Minor, Major, Famous, Infamous


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On 27/07/2022 at 11:51, b00dles said:

Genuinely made me say "oh no" out loud :(


Absolute amazing writer, I'm probably half Alan grant stories due to all the 2000ad copies and annuals etc my brother has that I read as a kid.



I just saw this gutted, was just on big Dredd kick too cos of nephews. I even gave a Dredd rashguard for the gym

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13 hours ago, grounded_dreams said:

Leon Vitali has passed away aged 74. Best known as collaborator and actor for Stanley Kubrick.





Filmworker, the documentary about Vitali and his work with Kubrick is very good and well worth a watch.



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9 hours ago, Vimster said:

RIP Henry, I saw you in countless Italian films and other assorted trash (in a good way), always put in a quality performance.


Same here! Guy had a face made for playing villains. I've actually got one of his Italian films on my watchlist, The Boss. It's on Arrow Player so might watch it this week.

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