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The Celebrity Death Thread - Minor, Major, Famous, Infamous


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14 minutes ago, Swallow said:

Just a reminder that the NY Post is not a reliable source, some of the 'details' they have given should be read with a huge amount of scepticism.


That's fair, it's just the first news source I saw shared on twitter with it.  At the time there was just a paragraph saying he'd been found dead.

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I didn't see a lot of Norm (outside of early Adam Sandler films and some of the SNL Jeopardy stuff) but I saw a clip on where he was asked by an interviewer what would make him attractive to women, to which he deadpanned "Well I have a lot of money" - but it wasn't an arrogant response, it was pitched perfectly to the stupidity of the question. 



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He never really crossed the Atlantic but every time I see one of his appearances, he has me in stitches.


"OJ Simpson says that he would have stood in front of a moving train to save his wife.  It's a kind of irony that the one man who will lay down his life for yours is the one that kills you." 


His repeated slamming of OJ lost him the SNL gig.



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The stories surrounding his gambling addiction are fascinating too.


I recall a story of him throwing a briefcase filled with something like hundreds of thousands of dollars of winnings in to the sea because he knew he was going to gamble it away and lose more in the process and this was his way of trying to put a stop to it.

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