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Samurai Spirits/Shodown - 2019


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Ha, yeah it plays pretty differently doesn't it. I managed to make it through arcade mode (after many a continue) with Genjuro but having not spent much time with SNK fighters beyond a few seconds on MAME here and there over the years it does feel like I'm lost in a foreign country.


I assume it's the same for most characters but basically everything seems to be minus, so trying to pressure with normals will generally see you punished heavily or disarmed. I'm guessing the latter mechanic makes it even more terrible for playing against an input-reading CPU than most fighting games already are.


You can cancel a normal into a special but that seems to be about it for combos, it's more one or two hits then back to neutral which I quite like. The dodge button is doubtless really important but I'm struggling enough with everything else that I keep forgetting it even exists.


Your damage goes up with the rage meter but you lose the meter completely once you pop the rage explosion (both slashes + kick IIRC) so only use that if you're about to lose the entire match.


Someone please correct me if I'm talking shite about any of that, I've just been trying to figure it out as I go.

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I guess there won't be a deluxe edition outside of Japan if the season pass is free if you buy it before the 30th June.


That pre-order is getting bought when it's available, Hope the game does well.

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I'd sort of pencilled him in as my first one to really try as well. Messing around with V Special he seems to have a bit of everything: projectiles, a DP, a command grab, a rekka.. Plus the card stuff looks super cool.

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Pre-ordered. Because why the hell not? SFV was disappointing and I prefer IV's art style anyway, so bring it on!


Currently training in V Special. Which is still oddly nostalgic considering my most played SamSho was actually the NGPC version. :D

Ukyo and Genjuro are still my favourites.

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