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Planet Alpha

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Picked this up on Switch. It looks pretty bad on TV mode (playing on a 4k set admittedly) but better - if basic - on handheld.


Gameplay is pretty basic. I guess I was hoping for a Inside/Limbo with Sci Fi sort of thing but no such luck.


The music is quite atmospheric but maybe as I’m playing it on Switch I don’t get the same sense of awe that I got from the trailers. Frame rate chugs on a few occasions though nothing too serious.


Some bits (I’m an hour or so in) are quite creepy and scary but as the checkpoints are so generous there’s no real feeling of tension or fear.


I’m disappointed as I was looking forward to this. 

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Played through this on a whim tonight, looked lovely on the x, quite puzzle light but really enjoyed the trip.

if you like the general style of inside it’s worth a go, doesn’t hit quite the highs of that but has oodles of atmosphere and lovely space weirdness

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On 05/09/2018 at 14:58, Vemsie said:

Yeah, the Edge blurb made me wary. Shame, as I love the look of it.

Looks like Somerville will have to scratch that cinematic sci-fi platformer itch.



So looking forward to this. 


Here's a trailer for Planet Alpha.



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