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Designing iOS app logo/menu screen

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As posted in the ask the forum thread, I'm currently learning Swift to create an app version of some quizzes designed by a friend that he's planning to publish in a book.


I think I'm making good progress in getting something that works and feels quite user friendly, is functional etc.... but it doesn't look very pretty.


Can anyone recommend any good tools (on the Mac or iPad Pro - I also have an Apple Pencil) for creating this kind of thing?


I'm not at all 'arty' and have had a play around with a few things but nothing seems to look good/professional.


The alternative would be to find someone to create a few designs for me.  A guy at work has a son doing art/design stuff at uni that I could ask - but what would be a reasonable offer of compensation for doing something like this?  I'm not expecting the app to make much money - I'm doing it mostly for the satisfaction of creating something and making it available on the app store (plus I really like the quizzes and think they're pretty good/challenging), so don't want to spend too much on it.


Would appreciate any thoughts/suggestions - thanks!

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Try Figma (browser based) or Sketch (Mac only app) for UI/ Screen design. 


As for getting the the student to do stuff; how long is a piece of string? Depends how good their work is. If you’re serious about it hire a designer with a proven track record.  

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