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NFL and NCAA Football 2018

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Im Watching Pats v Jags and what a catch by Cole and then Grant makes a fool of rubbish tackling defenders. Jacksonville look good, funny they were so awful and now look at 'em. The system works! 


EDIT: Tony Romo on commentary is brilliant. Only the Al Michaels/Chris Collingsworth combo are as good.

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10 hours ago, the_debaser said:

Was at the Titans game earlier, such a good laugh. The stadium is right in the middle of the city, is massive and really well organised. They’ve got shit loads going on to entertain the crowds in between plays or breaks in play. Much better than shitty adverts on telly. 

It really is great live. The fans are all friendly (SF/OAK apart) to eachother and as you say with no adverts and dancing etc to keep things fun its a really good (long) day out.



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On 15/09/2018 at 19:51, kiroquai said:

Browns releasing Josh Gordon on Monday. Just announced. Apparently he showed up late on Saturday; some rumours suggesting he might be struggling with his addiction problems again.


A real shame. As a Browns fan, I feel pretty sad. I hope whatever happens to him from here, he can find some kind of peace with himself.

Signed with the Pats for a conditional fifth round pick.

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I used to watch the old Channel 4 NFL show back in the 80's and got quite into the whole thing, I'd liked the LA Raiders because I was young and they seemed the most glamorous team to me, all black and edgy and gangster. but my interest tailed off and beer and girls got more interesting.  I watched the odd superbowl here and there, not really knowing how teams got there or how the season had gone.


Then in 2015 I found I could watch games on the internet and the Panthers attempt at a 16-0 season was making all the headlines.  I was intrigued by this baffoon Newtown or some such  prancing around in a succession of ever increasingly stupid hats and outfits, telling all and sundry how he was the greatest and was going to lead his team to glory.


Well clearly the man was a fool and his time were heading for a humiliating fall, but i found i sort of started rooting for them. I mean the Panthers were not a team i knew, they were well after the channel 4 days , as where the titans and texans. But the Patriots i knew well and even I know who Brady is, i'd caught the odd super bowl if not the seasons over the years. 

Well you all know what happened and i have to say i did gloat a little when Cam Newton went to pieces when it really mattered and got his arse handed to him on a plate. 


But i've sort of started following them now. I'm sort of rooting for them each week now. Because Newton is a player i want to watch.


I thought about joining a fantasy NFL game this year, but rather than just pick a bunch of players and have a laugh, i had to join a league and enter a draft pick thing and it got frightening and complicated and there were lots of bigger boys. so i didn't.


But each week, my eye looks for the panthers game before the Raiders, then i look at who else is playing and usually end up heading over to the Panthers feed and watching that. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to root for a single team. 


Anyway, there you go, just thought i'd share.  :D:unsure::bye:

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To add to the madness that was yesterday in the NFL, my fantasy team has 160 points already, still has Juju to play tonight (and a projected total of 174 points overall) and yet I am still somehow likely to lose my matchup.


If my team does get 174 points it'll be the highest one-week total in my league's 7-year history. Or, it would be if the guy against me wasn't estimated to get 176!

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