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5 hours ago, Jamin said:

No way we're gonna get 60. I think part of the problem in the past was the recruitment itself, which whilst it worked well, it attracted a load more casual peeps who never posted on the forum and then dropped out early on. Much better to get a small group of people who post and are reliable, even if the numbers are small. I think anyone looking to join the league has to be active on here to promote the bants, etc.


With the numbers we've got atm maybe we should do a proper 1v1 league with a couple of divisions, 10-12 teams per division?

As good as it would be for Saint to come back, he's obviously not keen or too fussed, nor can I blame him, but others above have offered their services - Steel ran an awesome FTL league, and Smith's offer to run it sounds good to me. It just needs a bit of organisation and someone who will stay the course, prob best with an assistant to keep results and league tables up to date (I'd be happy to help with the admin side).


I'd suggest something like once numbers are confirmed, whoever we all decide to be the best two players who have signed up (gooner? Baz? Steely? I'm out of touch these days :P) play everyone once who has signed up and then they rank them by top 12 in Div 1, bottom 12 in Div 2, etc.


Then we work out League rules. E.G. Which teams we should use (5*, 4.5*, specific divisions). We could alternate each season and obviously give the best players worse teams to help balance it all. We could use public votes for all of this.


Run the 1v1 league for a season (so about 2-3 months assuming 2 games a week), hopefully with these keen folks numbers will hold.


Or if we have numbers for a BAP league currently crack on with that to start? Or have different people involved in different leagues (e.g. someone leads with 1v1 league, someone does BAP).


Apart from the final paragraph and you claiming you are out of touch this is a great post and I fully support a stab at a 1v1 league.


Admin me up, track results, chase anyone that lags, remind @GrahamDunn he is a wee fanny, I will cover it all!

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I also reckon more players per BAP team (6-7ish) is the way to go, rather than more teams.  Otherwise it just becomes the Who Has The Best Any Cup. 


Let's just give BAP a run out first and think about 1v1 later.  We're all fogetting an important point:  FIFA 19 might be absolute wank!

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Even a Champ League style group tournament as a trial of 1v1 might be a good idea? Say we get 16 players, split into 4 groups. Play each team once, top 2 into one knock out section, bottom into another bit like Europa league drop outs except bottom team still gets at least one more game. Means less commitment (4 games at most) and give us a decent sense of how the new version holds up.


I know 16 is maybe a bit ambitious but that would be the ideal number for that setup to work. Could be done and dusted in a few weeks.

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I see what you're saying, and I'm hardly FIFA's biggest fan, but your two videos just show the bad side of FIFA versus the good side of PES. Both have bad moments and neither are perfect. I want to like PES and I do in many respects but the flaws are there and are imo bigger than FIFA. At least the 18 versions which I played both of. The one thing I don't get about PES is how fucking shite the menus are - and have been for literally EVER. Surely that wouldn't be too hard a fix?


FIFA has had a problem with bullet headers for a few versions though, agreed, and that video shows it at it's unbelievable worst.


I never bother with the FIFA demo nowadays - the final release version is always substantially different so I don't bother downloading now.

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Yeah, the demo had been live for an hour when you posted first, that's hardly enough time to judge it.

Fifa18 was a shocking mess, so much so that it single-handedly broke up this once thriving subforum.


As a result, I've jumped into PES19, it's been my main game since it launched. It took me a good few day to get to grips with the basics of the gameplay (holding R1 to sprint was a shock), and I wouldn't dare dream of criticising it till something clicked.

On the pitch, it's a bit of a wonder game honestly, although I'd stop short of recommending everyone giving it a go because the transition is tough.

So I'd be wary of judging Fifa19 on an hour's play, for exactly the same reason.

Plus, like Jamin said, the game always noticably different from the demo. And it takes a good while (at least a month of two) of play to really unearth what the game is.


If it's never going to hold your attention for that long, there's nothing wrong with saying it's not for you.
But to think you have a proper handle on what the game is after an hour of play (or even a few days), then you're mistaken.


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always need to explain your history on footy games, I was an ISS and PES player on PS1&2, then defected to FIFA for years and recently have been torn between both


only having played the demos for a few games FIFA feels far better than PES to my tastes this year, PES felt sluggish and heavy whereas FIFA feels very snappy and precise.

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I think we all realise that PES can be so wonderful in ways FIFA probably can’t. But we’d never, ever have been able to play any kind of league with it. It’s a horror show online, on PC and console. It’s a huge shame, as it may have ran FIFA close a few years for being this sub forums game of choice for BAP/League/etc. 


I was going to end this post with a poignant analogy using Tesco Finest sausage rolls vs a local bakery’s effort, but it was the wurst. 

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Mid way through a game, what an improvement!


The first change which seems minor but there are now 2 arrows. 1 Red for the player you are controlling and 1 in a yellowish colour to indicate who you will switch to if you press L1. Makes defending easier (how many times would you press L1 and it switch to the wrong player)


There is a bar above your player when you strike a shot but I didn't pay attention to what it does, just get it in the green marker for the sweet spot though i'm sure.


The game runs smoother than 18 and just feels smoother. Hopefully they get the servers right and the online play right and it could make for a good fifa :O

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I think a couple of donkeys old issues have finally been fixed (yay):

- Map icon conflicts

- Unresponsive menus

Haven't checked if they reverted the 3D radar after the shambles of a decision to adjust it last year or why language select isn't saved or why referee uniforms still clash with kits etc. 


I noticed the core control scheme has had a major change, again, it's happened for about 4 games in a row now. I've had to change to a custom setup rather than "classic" for a while now; I suspect most of you will swap the shooting back to O/B rather than the right bumper. 


RE: The PES debate, there is no debate.

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Played some games on the demo last night. First impressions is that it's really good. Everything flows nicely. It feels as if they've tweaked the gameplay to make us want to play Guardiola / Sarri style football - quick passing and attacking. I know the demo is usually nothing like the final game - so interested to see how it turns out! The presentation is incredible, which unfortunately for PES is always going to kill it. 


Never really gone too deep into changing controller settings, but tempted to lower / remove the assists. Anyone else do this? If so, would be great to know your settings. 



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The AI scored the best goal against me that I've ever seen on Fifa.


Playing on Legendary difficulty, Man Utd vs Man City.


De Bruyne picked the ball up inside my half, then it was a whirlwind of first time passes between De Bruyne, Aguero and David Silva who just tiki taka'd into my box before David Silva finished with a first time shot on the half volley into the top corner, I couldn't do anything to stop it, the passes and movement were too quick, it would never have happened on a previous Fifa.

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Echoing what’s been said already, I really quite liked this. Will be going digital.


Could you alter the positioning of players before in previous iterations? I liked I could bring Sanchez and Lingard closer to Lukaku and push Valencia and Shaw on into WB positions. I also like that - finally - the mini-map defaults to different shapes which makes it easier at glancing.



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24 minutes ago, Theholyhogg said:

So wait....is this the greatest fifa ever made??ever????


Let's just start with 'it looks like it's better than 18'.


After that, I'll take 'It's good enough to bring some of the Rllmuk crew back together'.


And after that, I'll dare to dream that I'll once again be on mic with @Mitchell, @Jamin, @Timmo, @Steely, @Baring, and the other wonderful chaps I've genuinely missed.




Not @GrahamDunn though. Fuck @GrahamDunn.


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