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Windjammers 2


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5 minutes ago, RipePlums said:

Yeah very excited about this. It's so easy to pick up and play.

Yeah perfect for a few quick blasts - no idea what I am doing really but I managed to win a couple of games.  Then lost again and it takes all your gained EXP of you! 

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According to the leaderboard option, I was briefly the worst player in the world. I played 3 opponents, and took just 1 match. It's great stuff, but would be nicer if there was a way of learning against equally unskilled players. Seemed like everyone knew how to build special meter much more quickly then I did, I've definitely missed something.


I'll still buy it!

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Yeah, after hours of play on the original over the years, I still have the nagging feeling that one cannot really master Windjammers.


Dot Emu has gone some way to remedy that though, by adding a new set of moves (esp. counter moves) which gives players more offensive and defensive options, and making the characters more different from each other.

Just played a bit of the original after trying this one, and boy does it feel clunky and prehistoric compared to Dot Emu's sterling sequel. I can't wait for the full release, but afaict, we still haven't been given a proper release date - apart from a vague late 2021.

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New trailer:



January 20th then :)




25 years later, throwing flying discs at your opponents is still as cool as back in the days. Sequel to the NEOGEO cult classic Windjammers, Windjammers 2 is the perfect mix between what you loved about the classic title and brand-new mechanics.

Fast-paced, strategic, easy to learn but hard to master: Windjammers 2 follows the steps of the first episode and brings back what makes the Windjammers series an amazing fun and competitive game!


New challengers, new stages, brand-new mechanics and awesome new power moves will make your head spin and enhance your windjammin’ experience. Master the slapshot, dropshot, the jump, the smash and the powerful EX MOVE, and enjoy the kickass soundtrack coming straight out of the ’90s.


Key features:


● The return of the cult classic Windjammers
● Kickass hand-drawn 2D animations
● Brand-new characters and stages
● Slapshot, dropshot, EX move, jump and smash… a ton of new gameplay mechanics for a complete new windjamming experience
● An amazing Arcade mode that allows superstars to conquer championships while playing solo
● Rad tracks to headbang like a dude
● Local and Online multiplayer


Limited edition:



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Wanting to get this as it looks fun. But reading through some of the comments I think some of us on here have to accept we don't have the reflexes we had 20 odd years ago.


Will most probably wait for a sale as I really like Streets of Rage 4 ,not completed it yet but it's a good stress reliever for this old fella.

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