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Playmaji's Polymega


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1 hour ago, ulala said:

If you take a cart out during gameplay, does it still play ?

I thought you only needed the carts to dump the rom, and you could play with out the cart after that?


do you still need the module?


is there an aftermarket for modules and carts to dump and sell on?


can you load straight up roms?

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  • 6 months later...

 N64 module announced


Polymega® EM05 Ultra Module Set Available Now





The moment you've been waiting for has arrived! We recently completed hardware development of the Polymega® EM05 Ultra Module Set and the product is now in mass production, and scheduled to ship this spring!

In celebration, we're opening up pre-orders for this brand new module, which will allow you to play the vast majority of your N64 game collection on your Polymega region-free! Quantities are limited on both items, so if you want to be the first 00-agent among your friends to plant a proximity mine in The Facility bathroom, click the pre-order button without delay!

Pre-Order EM05 Ultra Module Set

Pre-Order RC05 Ultra Retro Controller

Element Module Set EM05 features compatibility with around 90% of N64 games, and per usual, we plan to continue to improve game and peripheral compatibility into the future. A full compatibility list will be provided in the coming weeks as well as additional details regarding its underlying tech and capabilities. Ultra Module EM05 is also compatible with Memory Paks, Rumble Paks, and the N64 Expansion Pak is automatically enabled, allowing for enhanced visuals on select games.

We're excited to be shipping this first post-launch module early in 2023, and we have so many new announcements to talk about in the new year including some long-awaited shipment updates, news about our digital store, and much more!

And, if you've been waiting on delivery of your base unit, we have a super special gift to share with you which we'll be announcing early in January!

Happy Holidays!

- Team Polymega


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9 hours ago, Protocol Penguin said:

Did anyone who preordered ever get their device? Looks like the company is pivoting to selling a closed-source, paid-for emulator “app”.

What load of rubbish it turned out to be

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I have chatted online to a few early-adopters who got them in the "first run", and they largely said the software (database, interfaces etc) was the stand-out element – very solid emulation etc, but that was to be expected.


Before readng the release I was imagining this as a much more grown up Retroarch–style installable for suitable hardware, and I wouldn't be against paying something for that.. but not sure this is for me given I don't have a physical collection any more.

What they have announced seems to really dissolves the key USP, which was the closed system they could target in order to get the emulation as perfect as possible. Now it'll be a hardware free-for-all and I'm not sure that will work out so well..


I still think the original device is lovely, but supply, management and the add-on model seems very flawed. Plus needing to own originals anyway - the box might be convenient, but I think we all know that gamers with collections often have a hard-on for original hardware, leaving a small market for people who want a Polymega.. which I suppose is handy given you've not been able to get one anyway.


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I had respect for this thing trying to provide a 100% legal and no-setup-required emulation solution because I think it's a cool idea and that there's a (small) market for it. 


But having spent time trying to understand the Polymega Family - The Remix, The XL, The Cloud Saves and encrypted ROMs, I conclude that it's waaaaay over my head. It's like a tech bro fever dream.

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21 hours ago, Goemon said:

So how are you supposed to play your old games?

From the link



Using any standard disc drive, you can use Polymega App to play, install, and manage legacy games from physical media on your device. Unlike everyone else, Polymega App has no emulator downloads, ROMs, BIOS files, or other configuration required. It just works, and it's 100% free to use.


It’s an amazing idea, you just stick your old CD-ROM based discs in your laptop’s disc drive. Oh.. wait.. it’s not 2005 anymore. 


Ah.. but wait…there’s a solution to that!



We know that many new computers do not include disc drives, and they certainly don't have cartridge ports! Polymega® Remix is the latest member of the Polymega hardware family, and with it you can play CD and Cartridge games on your PC and other devices using Polymega App! It looks and works just like Polymega, except it connects via USB to your device, and you use Polymega App to control it -- simple as that! It's compatible with the full suite of Polymega Element Module Sets, and starts at just $149 USD. More details coming soon.


So from a company that’s failed to deliver hardware of any scale, they’re offering a solution of.. a hardware bolt-on. Basically a Polymega but without any processing power that you hook up to your laptop. Or a USB disc drive with a kind of retro themed case. For $149.


Note that “starts at $149”, because you need to also buy the Polymega Element Module sets, those one off cartridge readers for every single fucking console. That are about £60 each. So want to play Megadrive, SNES and NES games? That’s another £180 on top of the $149.


I guess they’re trying to be retro in emulating Sega’s approach to the Megadrive with all it’s successful hardware bolt-ons like the 32X and MegaCD.


But how can they make any money out of the free app? 



Unlock Cheat Codes, Virtual Display, Patching, Audio Player, and many other premium features with a Polymega XL Subscription. Plus, you'll get Cloud access to your games so you can share your collection on multiple devices, compete online against friends, stream games to your mobile devices, and much more. More details about Polymega XL tiers, features, and plans for future compatibility will be provided in the coming weeks.


YES!!! Because we know cheat codes are a premium feature, so you need to pay for a subscription! They’re not just emulating Sega, they’re now emulating Codemasters with a modern twist on the premium number cheat lines…


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Yes but not that often.  I've got all my neo geo CD games on it and have installed a fair Saturn and PS1.

I must admit, I haven't done any that require the modules e.g. SNES and Megadrive yet.


It is convenient when I want to play those formats. Saves me having to get those machines out.

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