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Let us celebrate Edge's 25th Anniversary


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19 hours ago, amc said:


This was the first issue I bought, it jumped out at me in WHSmiths in Bedford. After reading it from cover to cover I subsequently ordered back issues 2 - 5 (1 wasn't available unfortunately). I've read at least something from every issue since, although I skip huge chucks of it these days as I'm not that into most modern stuff and hardware doesn't change very often anymore so it's not as exciting as it was in the 90s and 2000s, plus obviously the Internet has meant you're aware of things long before Edge hits the shelves.


I could probably cancel my subscription and not miss it, but something stops me as though I'd be giving up on the hobby of gaming and I'm so not.

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Unfortunately we didn't start buying the magazine until around issue 106  (early 2002) - it was actually my brother who first got into the magazine and I remember it being one of the last issues with the Dreamcast in the list of formats on the cover. For us as gamers it still seemed like we were in a bit of a transition period towards the sixth-generation, but also it was a time where I could afford new games a little more easily, so a magazine like this was actually worth reading for once! I think in '93 I was probably reading the final issues of Commodore Format, or maybe Sega Power/Mean Machines when we transitioned to 16-bit.


I also joined the Edge forum in 2002, and whilst there were some heated conversations in certain areas, the Retro folder was always full of awesome folk (shoutouts to alexhighnumber, Jim Miles, isogashii et al). I also remember the era of archiving reviews online, and it's a shame that it was never expanded. I don't have the magazine anymore, but I think it was their review of the original PS2 release of Persona 3 that prompted me to impulse-buy the game in an indie store (with no other knowledge of the series) and turn into the series fan I am now. :) 


As for the scores - I think it was only Kabuki Warriors that ever scored a 1... and part of me almost wants to try ordering an old copy (it's backwards compatible) just to discover the horror. Not really though. :D Also - even though it was before I started buying the magazine - talk of a 6 for SFIII 3rd raised an eyebrow (but admittedly the brilliance of that game wasn't really in the public consciousness before Evo Moment 37.) Those 10s? Most of them seem pretty accurate... I think in hindsight GTA IV isn't nearly as much of a 10 as V is, but nobody knew that V would be such a massive leap. I'll even defend "low" scores for personal favourites of mine - because I can pick holes if I want to.


Also, there was almost a charming naivety in the magazine's tendency to jump on hot new technology and talk it up, despite some of that technology bombing so hard. Call it shilling if you must, but the open-minded attitude was refreshing in an era of format wars and bickering.

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First copy of Edge i ever bought was issue 92:




I mean, Jesus, just look at it. It practically screamed off the shelf at me. The article pretty much kicked off my love of the game and the Dreamcast, and i've been reading ever since. 

Just a well written magazine - often its the articles that i've left for last that turn out to be the best bits. 


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3 minutes ago, grindmouse said:


Holy shit it’s 15 years since the 10th anniversary issues with all the different covers?! I got the Outrun one.


I mean, it’s obvious but fuck in my head that was a few years ago.


Edit: They could do a book with every cover for the past 25 years, minus the text inc. sub-variants. 

...I’d buy it anyway.


They've done that on their iOS app, although it needs updating to include recent covers.

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I framed a bunch of those postcards that came as a free gift when you subscribed years ago. 




I don't have them up anymore as it is possibly the saddest thing I have ever done and I don't want my girlfriend to leave me. 

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I bought Edge from issue 1 until they did the redesign (5 years ago?).


After that I found the articles trying to be too intellectual for the sake of it with too many  column writers and very dry so I stopped buying it.


I make do with the Edge Files volumes. They cover probably the most exciting times in videogames (1993 to 2002)

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