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Edge #323 25th Anniversary Edition

Mr Do 71

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1 minute ago, MaffewE said:


I've also spotted one in Norwich - but as someone not that worried about Dark Souls and who already has their own subscription copy, I've left it there.


For now. :)


Dude!!!! I'll pay you double for it if you want to get it for me, I just really want one and my local tesco didn't have it. I'm a bit Dark Souls crazy you see.

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2 minutes ago, MaffewE said:

Won't get a chance to go back there for a few days now, so my chances of being able to help are minimal - it's in the WH Smiths on Gentleman's Walk, if that helps anyone. :)



:( for me. Good for you for letting fellow rllmuk'rs know though :)


Ooh actually there's a smiths down the round from me, I'm going to pop out quickly!

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On 15/08/2018 at 10:58, K said:

What is slightly sad is that there was the occasional bit of mag content that was put on the website exclusively. Edge's review of Halo Reach isn't available anywhere to my knowledge, which is a bit of a shame. You can't even read it in a back issue of the mag.


It’s a shame. As I mentioned the article with Toshihiro Nagoshi if you grew up playing his games is absolutely fantastic. The Dragon Quest article from a few months back was also brilliant. 

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1 hour ago, jonamok said:

Anyone made any progress in cracking the inside cover codes? Can’t even find where the Guile code might be.


I have, it's just a standard code pattern, there is a double page spread with some of the codes translated into letters on page 56 and also a clue towards the very back as to where you can find more. with this I had enough to decipher just over half but that was enough. After the first 3 words I googled it and got the full quote.

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I solved the codes and submitted my answers. fingers crossed!



Edit: Removed answers as there are still prizes up for grabs (the four cover box set) and the spirit of the thing seems to be for people to work it out. PM if you want some tips or the raw puzzles in the covers, I’d happily share the Solaire one



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4 hours ago, erhgiez said:

I solved the codes and submitted my answers. fingers crossed!


  Hide contents


Crestfallen Warrior – Dark Souls:


Sad, really. She’s mute and bound to this forsaken place. How do these martyrs keep chugging along? I’d peter out in an instant.


Sergeant Johnson – Halo 2


We didn’t have any fancy-shmancy tanks. We had sticks! Two sticks and a rock for the whole platoon! And we had to share the rock!


Guile – Street Fighter 2


Honey stop! Please dear. Killing Bison won’t bring Charlie back. It will simply make you a murderer, just like Bison. Please come home. Let’s start over.


Cappy – Super Mario Odyssey


We’ve come a long way, you and me. We’ve seen a bunch of different kingdoms. I mean, sure, we got shot down and stuff along the way. But think of all those hats!




Good work. I want even sure if I was looking at the right page!

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Managed to pick up the Mario edition from WHSmith... They had the Gule and Halo covers there too but decided to leave them for someone else as there were only three copies in total there.


Great read this month and odd holding a new paper Edge after so long reading digital copies! :)


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