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Best portable emulation device

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I'm only looking to play up to PS1 at most so it doesn't need to be outrageously powerful. Any idea? I haven't kept up with the latest gp32 devices. 


Mainly for SNES, and mame, keyboard would be cool for c64 or dosbox. I see some running Windows 10 nowadays? 

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Hacked Vita is amazing for PS1, PSP, Vita, Retroarch (SNES. Megadrive, GBA etc). A second hand Vita with Oled screen is easy to obtain at a fraction of the price of other devices. 


Also, for PS1 games just download the PSX2PSP versions of the Ps1 games and play them on the PSP emulator called adrenaline for 100% perfect emulation.  Use SD2Vita adaptor (£2 eBay) and use a large capacity SD card instead of expensive Sony Vita cards.

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