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Cleaning old Amigas + SNES - I have plenty to sell!

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So I've Google how you can in-yellow the consoles; that's way too much for me.


Any recommends on how to scrub them a bit for sale? I'm not bothered about them being in mint condition or getting top price. Rather iw want them gone with some remuneration.

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Rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol and lint-free tissues are the go-to things. I've had great success cleaning random crud off controllers and handhelds with glasses wipes, which are just the two things combined, but that might be a bit of a pain for something that large.

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Isopropynol works well but be careful using it on any part with a printed logo etc. When refurbishing my NES i rested the lid on a rag with isopropynol on, only for a few minutes but it took all the red writing off cartridge flap.


furniture polish (mr sheen etc) seems to work well but mainly on darker systems.

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