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Silent Runner

Did I imagine this story?

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For years now I’ve had a story in my head that I’m pretty sure it was from an old episode of a TV show. But I’ve never been able to find it. It’s possibly an episode of One Foot In the Grave.


Does this ring a bell with anyone?



A man leaves his wife and son at home and leaves for the airport. He’s traveling abroad with work. The next day the police call to his home to tell his wife that he was killed in a car crash close to the airport. Wife and son are distraught.


It’s coming up to Christmas and the son keeps saying that all he wants for Christmas is for his dad to come home. Everyone tells him that will never happen. But he keeps asking for santa to bring his dad back.


Then it happens. And we see the dad walking up the street totally fine and his son running towards him.


It turns out he left early for the airport and left his car in the long term car park. The car was stolen and crashed. The driver killed and the car went on fire so he couldn’t be identified. I suppose for this story to work he would have never called his family while he was abroad (maybe time zones meant he couldn’t or something) and didn’t send postcards.


Anyone know the episode I’m talking about?  

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