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Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!


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12 hours ago, TehStu said:

I was just grabbing this week's free games on the Epic Store and noticed that from Nov 25 - Dec 2, the free game will be "Antstream Epic Welcome Pack". Apparently, this includes 1090 gems which can be used if you're an Antstream user.

The Epic Store equivalent of getting socks for Christmas from your gran, when you have no legs.


I jest. I’ve used Antstream only briefly since they introduced the free tier. I assume you get a limited amount of free access then have to buy credit to continue. 


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So noticed this was on the Epic store. Downloaded and had a tinker.


Seemed pretty much lag free for me. UI suitably retro! Liked the value added stuff like challenges and online hi-scores etc. Nice concept. It's great if you don't want to mess around with MAME and emulators etc and just have a quick blast on whatever device you have to hand. Good selection of games on there too. Not sure how often I'd use it personally though. Sort of done with 8-bit home computer era really as many haven't aged that well IMHO.


I did clear the first three screens of Manic Miner though remembering all the timings for the jumps etc. Not sure how I remember that as it was some years ago when I last played! Must be burned into my brain somewhere along with the infinite life's poke.... :D


Anyhow you get a grand total of 1500 gems (in game currency) to play with courtesy of Antstream/Epic. You need to make a separate download for the 1000 gem pack.

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