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Taika Waititi's Wellington Paranormal

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4 hours ago, cassidy said:

Best vpn to use with android phone and sky Internet please? And simple to set up? Cos I have zero vpn experience and need to watch S2. 

I use private internet access, about $40 a year I believe.


I don’t think it’s good for Netflix other territory streaming though.

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I watched all of season 1 on daily motion (picture flipped for reasons). Loved it.



Second ep of season 2 seems to be on there but the audio is pitched up as well as the picture flip (again because reasons no doubt).



I need a way to watch this properly. Someone get it on a UK streaming provider!!

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Fucking wild that there is just no option to legally watch this in the UK.


Seems like it would be a good fit for BBC 2.  I bet if it was a boring as fuck Scandinavian police procedural they would have shown it already.


Fuck it. I'm going to aftempt to find a torrent for the first time in like five years. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

Omg Episode 1 of Series 3 had so many laugh out loud moments. 


The highlight maybe, invisible Parker. 


Onto Episode 2. I hope more people watch this now it's available over here cos it's really bloody funny. 


It may be childish as all hell but the scat joke in episode 2. Just had me howling. 

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Binged this over the last week and it’s fantastic.


I guess I was predisposed to liking it, being a fan of Flight of the Conchords and What We Do In The Shadows - but it works so well. Not only does it nail the police ride-along documentary feel, it consistently comes up with funny paranormal ideas.



Highlights for me:

Mrs O’Leary

Bringing back Bazza and the pod people in series 2

Daisy the invisible friend

The obsolete mobile phones

Lost Traveller Glasses Man

The Revengers and the meteorite

The way the fireworks are used in the last episode of season 3


I also love the way Parker grew as a character.

Sergeant Maaka is my favourite though - the references to his childhood and the way he pronounces jujitsu...


I love the fact they referenced The x-Files in the first episode, and O’Leary’s flippant comment “Stop that, it’s a bit scary” made me laugh so much.

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