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Daemon X Machina - a cacophony of mechas, mechs and colours

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Probably the only interesting thing from Nintendo's 2018 E3 presentation:



EDIT: Sorry, the new batch of Splatoon 2 amiibo looks pretty cool too...




Daemon X Machina was announced for Nintendo Switch during this year's E3 and features mecha design by Shoji Kawamori (Macross).


The title is a mecha game with a clear Armored Core vibe, featuring design by Shoji Kawamori who -besides his work for the Macross series- also worked on the Armored Core series.

We also get Armored Core  producer Kenichiro Tsukuda, No More Heroes character designer Yusuke Kozaki, Soul Calibur music composer Junichi Nakatsuru, alongside Ryo Hamamoto known for his work on the Tekken series.

At the helm are Monster Hunter Stories director Ken Awata and chief designer Ken Karube. 




Debut trailer:



Gamescom 2018 trailer:



E3 2019 trailer:




The game is being developed by Marvelous' First Studio using the Unreal Engine 4, and should be coming to the Nintendo Switch in September 2019.



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– Carry a host of weapons, from laser swords to bazookas
– Can unlock new mech(a)s, pick armor, and customize for durability, mobility, and more
– Missions revolve around “Orders”; these are mercenary missions that will earn you variable amounts of money
– The orders you choose will determine how the story progresses as well as your allies
– Destructible environments
– This mainly applies to the buildings, which you can send tumbling down upon enemies if you get the timing right
– Can pick up cars and throw them, rip out sign posts and use them as swords, or pick up weapons from fallen enemies and use them
– Tsukuda wants to have hidden items on top of buildings
– Tsukuda: “We deliberately made this easy to get into, but there is depth to the gameplay as well.”
– On multiplayer: “We’re thinking about ways for everyone to play together, but we’ll introduce exactly how we plan to do that at another time.”

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12 hours ago, HarMGM said:

This is getting featured on the Treehouse chat right now. Looks like Armored Core alright.


I've never played an Armored Core game. I absolutely loved Steel Battalion, Zone Of the Enders and Virtual On though; are they comparable?




Here's a rerun of the Treehouse interview:



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I quickly got used to the controls but it really needs a bit of HD Rumble to give movement and shooting a bit of heft and impact. It doesn't feel especially satisfying just yet. Maybe this is the beginner mech or maybe I don't quite get mech games but I was hoping and expecting something as fluid as Starlink. I'll be getting it no doubt but not exactly what I thought it might be. 

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It needs gyro aiming more than anything. This is the first time I've gone back to analogue stick aiming since probably Halo 3 and it feels massively prehistoric.


I just don't gel with Unreal Engine games either. They never seen to be able to hold a consistent frame rate no matter how cut back the visuals are.

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Is there a trick to defeating that big ol' fortress bot boss? I just died, on my first try admittedly, but do you literally just keep pumping ammo/melee attacks into his weakpoints? I've been slashing his bottom side for ages and got him down to 25% but that took forever! Can you dodge his big shield attack? 

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