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My Friend Pedro - All Aboard The Hype Train - 20th June

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How long is it? I’ve just put about 45 minutes in and although I’m enjoying it very much I can see if it’s like 8 hours or something it isn’t going to have the stamina.

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Pleased to see this on GamePass and spent an enjoyable couple of hours with it today. Doesn't take itself too seriously and has some variety in it ... I like the switch and ricochet mechanics as a way of breaking up the general mix of wall jumping and shooting. Not sure how much I'll be up for repeating levels for better grades but popped plenty of achievements first time through. Good simple fun.

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I just finished this via Game Pass and it was mostly great fun apart from some of the later platforming sections and some minor jankiness around staircases and rolling at unintended moments.


I started the game on Hard and was getting mostly C ratings until hitting a wall with the second boss and then bumping the difficulty down to Normal but still continuing on with the C ratings lol.


I'm debating over whether to try and get S ratings for the entire game. I managed one on the first boss and the very first level but I'm not sure I can be fucked to learn every level so well that I can get a continuous combo going. 


Is there a trick to keeping a skateboard with you after jumping? I always seem to lose mine and feel like a muppet when the game clearly expects me to stay on the skateboard for style points. 

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I've gone back to this after bouncing off it after ten or so levels on release. I'm really enjoying it's silliness and hoping to cross it off the backlog this weekend. I'm brute forcing my way through as I'm awful, but things are starting to click and kills are getting more stylish. Sometimes. 

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